Do we wash baby clothes first?

Going to get my nursery set next month and was just wondering do we wash the baby clothes first? Thanks x


  • I always wash the new clothes smells lovely then 

    Instead of wrapping 



  • Yeah I washed all the clothes with both of mine. Wash them in the washing powder u intend to use wen baby comes so the smell will b familiar to them. There's something really satisfying about getting all ur babies clothes washed dried n folded neatly away x

  • I washed  mine in fairy non bio n comfort conditioner - every time I smell it now it takes me back to the days of getting ready - very exciting , I folded n refolded n sorted through them I don't know how many times , shame I don't have the same satisfaction from doing the general laundry , drives me mad , can't believe I will have 6 peoples washing to sort out soon ..... but baby stuff makes up for it , will get it all out the loft soon n sort out what we have n what we still need , can't wait x x

  • ive washed most of mine already just love seeing it hanging up to dry!!

    like you il have 6 peoples  washing to sort soon!!! i spend all week washing and drying and putting away. but baby stuff is so cute!!

  • What wash powder do you all recommend as was thinking of using a different brand for baby or i might just swap the brand altogether xx
  • we use fairy non bio on everything so it all smells the same x

  • my oh can only get on with tescos own brand non bio so we have used that just to keep it all the same id love to use fairy as it smells yummy.

  • I washed the baby stuff in fairy non bio , haven't tried Tesco brand , might give it a try , bet it's cheaper too , like you , I don't mind washing the baby clothes , they're so cute , it's everyone elses that's a pain x x

  • I used fairy on my last 2 but since pregnant this time cant stand the smell of it lol

    So will have to use something else 


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