Bleeding in the 9th week

I am 9 weeks preg after a yr of trying and a mc last may. I had a early scan 2 days ago and everything looked good. We heard out babies heartbeat and all. Today I went to the bathroom and saw I was bleeding. I am so scared that I'm loosing this baby also. We are having a bad snow storm and my hospital is 30 min away. The dr said if I'm not filling a pad to hold off that it may be normal but if I want to come in and be checked I can but it's so dangerous out right now I don't know what to do. I don't want to hear something is wrong again. I just got to see my bean and felt so much better after seeing the heart beat. Has anyone else had bleeding that didn't result in MC?


  • Yes hun I had bleeding till ten weeks, sometimes watery and pink, sometimes brown with stringy bits and had bad cramping in my lower back. Doctor said I was prob losing baby but 9 week scan showed a healthy bean. She's 15 days old now image x

  • Lh86 thank you. I'm praying everything is ok. I will see if it stops. If it gets worst the dr wants me to go to hospital to get checked.
  • Hi it just light bleeding or is it heavy?

    I had spotting and light bleeding at 8 weeks for 5 days, I had a scan and baby was fine.  I am now 10 weeks and go for my dating scan on 25th Feb.  I must admit I am still slightly scared and can't wait for the scan but if it's not heavy bleeding and you haven't got severe cramps I'd like to think all is ok image

    Our little beans just like to scare us and keep us on our toes x

  • AngwAss it was light but still more then just spotting. After mc last year I'm already on edge. The bleeding has stopped so far today so I'm hoping for the best. I'm glad your bean was ok. Good luck with your scan on the 25th.
  • I'm keeping my fc for you Nicole, I'm sure everything will be fine xx

  • Thanks carioke if the bleeding doesn't come back I have a good feeling I'm ok to. I just want to have a normal preg I guess it's not always perfect though.
  • How are you today Nicole?xx

  • Hi Nicole. Was it a transvaginal scan? I had about 5 days of spotting and some bright red bleeding after an internal - I think due to it having irritated my cervix. That may well be the explanation for you xx

  • Hey hun , how you doing today , it may well have been the scan that irritated things , hadn't thought of that , hope you have had no more bleeding n you're taking it as easy as you can x x

  • Nicole - honey, how are you today? Is everything ok? xxx

  • Hey Nicole how are you doing today? Hope you and your little bean are both well x

  • Thinking of you Nicole and hoping all is well


  • Ho  are you today nicole? Xxx


  • I haven't had anymore bleeding. It wasn't a transvaginal ultrasound if it was that would have made sense and I wouldn't have been so scared. I have my appointment on the 3rd and I can't wait. The dr seemed to thing it was normal bleeding and since it stopped I am thinking he is right. I'm on edge after my mc so the last thing I want is to be bleed ever again. Thanks for all your thoughts.
  • How far gone will you be on the 3rd? And will you get another scan? So glad the bleeding has stopped x

  • Ilovemygirls I'll be about 12 weeks. How are you feeling.
  • really glad the bleeding has stopped! fc all will be fine xx

  • Not long to go now, im so excited for you. I will be stalking baby expert that day lol im feeling so much better now. Im 14w 4d and have a little bump x

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