Weight gain in pregnancy

Hi ladies,

I was just wondering,how much weight did you put on during your pregnancies? Do you buy maternity clothes in a bigger size? I'm a true size 10 and wondered whether I should buy size 12 clothes? I'm only 10w plus 4 today so I've got a few weeks to go yet image  



  • Hi

    Im a size 12 normally and have been buying maternaty clothes in the next size up as they fit a lot better and not tight when get bigger. How ever i went newlook and tried on some of their jeans a couple week back and size 14 were huggge on me and size 12 fitted perfect but i knew if i brought them i would only get another month out of them as im 26 weeks and only going to get bigger.

    H&M are best for clothes. There size 14 skinny combat sort trousers fitted me perfect.

    I dont know about my weight as havent got any scales at home and midwife only weighed me the first app of seeing her x
  • Too much lol. I went up from 79kg to about 90kg but went straight back down to 84kg after the birth. Just waiting for my c-sec wound to heal so I can start exercising and walking about again to lose the baby weight x 

  • Hey ladies,

    Haleigh - thanks chick. I will start looking after my 12 week scan image

    LH86 - that is actually not too bad - only 11kg and that included the baby! My friend put on 25kg and went from 49kg (yes, she is very very skinny) to 74kg and lost all the wight within 3 months. On the other hand, my colleague is pregnant (mardy cow ha ha) and she is only 6 months and already put on 2 stones which is roughly 13 kg. And then she said the other day : I hope it's all baby! Ha ha, WTF? a 13kg baby at 6 months pregnant? I was thinking, you stupid cow, the baby probably weight 2 pounds if that ha ha.


  • Hi

    The weight gain will vary on where you started, your baby and husbands weight and how well you eat and stay active.image

    In general the guidance for a woman with a healthy bmi is between 11 and 16kg. You only need an extra 300 calories a day and that is only from the third trimester. It's about a glass of semi skimmed milk and half a cheese sandwich. The nhs website is good for all of this sort of information.

    I wouldn't worry about losing the weight now. If you are sensible in te pregnancy you won't put on too much (which can cause problems and make labour difficult) and you will find a big chunk drops off.

    The baby is a small part of the total weight gain. You also have increasing blood volume, amniotic fluid, maternal fat for protection, breast size ready for feeding, increased uterus size and placenta - a whole organ.image

    I found I was slow to gain weight initially and then sped up and levelled off again.
  • Hi ladies

    I'm a size 10 and put on 3 stone with dd, which is about 19-20 kg! I didn't alter my diet much either. 2 stone dropped off pretty quickly within the first 4-6 weeks and then a diet/exercise kick for about 5 weeks shifted the rest.

    I wore size 10 maternity clothes in most things then and now but,sometimes have to go for a size 12. It Just depends on the shop and fit.

    When's your scan Judy? How have you been feeling?

    Gp x
  • Hi ladies,

    Thanks for your replies.

    Tulip - I am trying to eat healthy stuff, I always have been a fan of healthy eating and I am used to eating a lot of fruit and veg and lean chicken meat (as healthy as chicken can be). I hope I can keep it up image

    Gingerpoodle - thanks honey. I will start looking at maternity stuff after my 12 weeks scan - less than 2 weeks to go now - eeeek. I said t DH today that we could go to Cheshire Oaks to have a look at some maternity clothes and baby stuff because most of the branded baby stuff is cheap there - Pumpkin Patch are very cheap and also Next image The scan is on 27th Feb, mid morning and it is an understatement to say that I am terrified. I am 10w+5 today and feeling mega tired, which is good according to the midwife image I am still getting sickness which I am extremely happy about - felt pretty rough all night last nigh and this morning. The longer it stays the better, I am embracing it - as sad as it sounds! I have gone off food as nothing tasted great at the moment and I do not particularly fancy stuff, but I am eating as the baby needs all the vitamins and nutrients. Have you found out what you are having?



  • I am an 8-10 and i found by around week 9/10 I feeling uncomfy in my trousers/jeans so I bought some maternity jeans from New Look and also some maternity clothes from a selling site on facebook (mostly dorothy perkins bits) and they will do me well until I've had the baby. So far I've put on 6lbs and I'm 15+1. I won't deny, I have indulged in some bits I wouldnt usually have before I got pregnant as I was following Weightwatchers but I'm hoping to get back into shape pretty quickly afterwards. 

  • I vowed I wouldn't put so much weight on this time, I went from 11 to 14 plus stone with Caitlin n it took me 10 months to get it off but I did manage to get down to 9 stone. I was a lot heavier this time tho was already 12 n a half stone when I fell pg and think I put on about 2-2 n a half stone. got about 5kg to go to get back to pre preg weight not bad considering lexies only 18 days old n I had a section so haven't been very mobile. Don't think it'll take me long to lose it tho, first day with the girls on my own as oh back at work n haven't even had time to scratch my arse let alone eat yet lol, really looking forward to when I can start exercising again wana get a good few stone off before summer x

  • Well I'm not exactly a little lady, I am a size 18-20, I weighed 104 kilos at 9wks+3 then went down to 102 kilos at 16wks+3 and I'm now 23wks+1 and I'm back to 104 kilos.

    I'm hoping that I won't put too much weight on but feel that I may be tempting fate.

  • Good luck for Thursday Judy. All your signs are good. I had the nausea and felt shattered until about 17-18 weeks but only had it until about 13 weeks with dd.

    I'm still shattered but it's different to that first part.

    We don't know what we're having and I keep looking at baby clothes desperate to buy something for this lo. Only 16ish weeks to go and we'll find out.

    Hope the scan goes well x
  • Hi Gingerpoodle,

    Thank you honey. I will let you know on Thursday image

    I am really scared, had a little cry on the way to work today cos I'm worried sick! DH is very positive and has a smile on his face when we talk about the scan  bless him.

    Ooooh, exciting image You just need to buy yellow, beige and white things image Have you got the pram yet?


  • Best of luck for Thursday judy , sure everything will be fine , can't wait to see your update , it's natural to be worried , think we will worry til we have our little ones in our arms n then we worry if they're ok - think it's a mumas' lot to worry image

    , We are the same gp ,keep looking at pink / blue clothes n wish we knew which to get , got another scan at 30 weeks but still wont find out , bought yellow moses basket sheets , got boy n girl clothes but much more girls stuff , still waiting to get stuff out the loft to see what we actually have got , saw midwife today - hb was lovely - 160 bpm , thought was a bit fast but baba  was moving n mw was quite happy with it , bp was good too 125/80, very good for me again , must be the aspirin doing it's job , wonder what weight the baby will be , have all been little tiddlers so far - 6lb 4 1/4 being the biggest , with the placenta hopefully functioning better will probably end up with a 9 pounder !! x x 

  • Sweetjudy I've always heard you but the same size as you normally wear but I hate anything right on my belly when I'm preg so I always liked one size bigger. I'm a manager at a high end store so I have to get dressed everyday so this won't be fun when I'm bigger. I was to stay in leggings all day!!! I will also start looking after my 12w appointment.
  • With my first pregnancy i picked up 25kg. I was a size 10 and went up a few sizes. I was lucky that i could give natural birth and was.back on my bike 3 weeks later. It took me a year to loose the weight. I'm now at the.exact same weight as my first pregnancy and i've vowed not to pick up so much this time around. Still cycling and going for a slow run this evening. Also doing weights for my arms. Yes, i'man exercise freak. image
  • I seem to be eating more now im in third trimester! I cant stop lol.

    Cant wait till i have the baby and get back to exercising....if i have time lol x
  • I picked up a couple of maternity tops from New Look and when I tried them on one was really tight around my arms. I was like WTF? ha ha and my arms are not big at all image I bought a size 10 as that is my true size, as much as I would like to fit in a size 8 again image I am trying to eat healthy now so hope I do not put too much on, I don't care if I do thou as long as the baby is happy and healthy image

    I need to wear suits for work and getting away with jumper dresses there days image Need to buy some button extenders image


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