6 weeks & 3 days pregnant

Hi ladies just wanting to find out more about symptoms at 6/7 weeks pregnant this is my second child & didnt have any symptoms at all so im pretty curious to find out what you all had ????


  • My 1st was awful, conctant nausea, heartburn all the way through. My 2nd had hardly any early symptoms except for achy pelvis when walking, paleness, slight fatigue and sore boobs. Had hardly any nausea in that pregnancy and wasn't sick once.

    Am between 5-6 weeks atm and only have very sore boobs, faitigue and paleness x
  • You sound exactly like me just now i sleep alot though ive actually just woken up lol feel better for it aswell must have been needed big time my pelvis is sore when i walk including my ankles for some reason im only 6 weeks and 3 days and feel like 6 months lol boobs are sore backs sore heads sore cant handle pretty much any smell apart from the tumble dryer sheets they smell awsome right enough lop eating is a struggle toilet is constant all the time so yeah im pretty much pregnant haha im just curious to find out everyones symptoms would be cool to find out xx
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