Planning brain in overdrive!

Hi girls,

I know it's still oh so early, but I'm a control freak and my brain is in overdrive! Can't stop screen shopping. Narrowed my new pram down to four choices (maybe 5) and desperately trying to think of names that me and my husband agree on. It's hard as a girl as you plan for so long. Don't like other people getting in the way of all the pretty girly names I've been thinking of for so long. Damn fellas!

Hope you're all feeling well xxx


  • Ooh what names do you like? And what prams? I'm probably just going to use the same pram to save money but I would so love a new one! xx

  • If it's a boy he'll be Rex Stirling. Rex after a family friend who died last year and Stirling because hubby is a massive F1 fan (sigh). For girls, middle name will be Robyn. So far we've got Phoebe, Elodie, Olivia, Lydia, Tabitha, Matilda. The nearest I've got is 'that one doesn't offend me as much. Got to sound good with Jessica.

    Prams wise, I had an M&P switch but sold it as it got too heavy and hard to push with the two handles as Jess got bigger. I like the Quinny Buzz, new M&P Sola City, Oyster, Britax B Smart, or I'd love a Bugaboo Bee, but hubby thinks the wheels are too small. Decisions decisions! xx

  • Aww those are all gorgeous names! I love Elodie, there is a little girl called Elodie at Noah's toddler group and she is adorable.

    Quinny Buzz is what I have, I love it but it's getting heavy now Noah is so big. I love the Bugaboo Bee, if we could afford to get a new pram I would so get that one! xx

  • Have just seen the Bugaboo Buffalo, now I want that one! xx

  • Think iam going to have to look for a double pram as my dd will only be 14 months, still plan on using her one we have a the moment aswell, thats a M&P Sola, its just so easy to use and put up and down, might just have to make use of the baby carrier ive never used, the ones were you strap the baby to you, didnt really fancy having to pay out for a big new double pram, as I was just about to buy a small buggy till I found out I was pregnant again x
  • Would love a Buffalo, but not prepared to pay that much for one. I'm now fancying an oyster or a sola. Queenasanti, how have you found your sola? x

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