Did you keep a pregnancy diary when you were expecting before/are you keeping one now? 

My Dad made a suggestion that I keep a diary and if I'm honest, I have been doing it but it seems boring and not very fun or anything. Just factual. And unless something happens (appt or something) I dont tend to write in it.

Just wondered what, if anything, you ladies are doing?


  • I did with first, I brought a pregnancy diary, took bump pics every couple of weeks n kept filling it in. Didn't bother with 2nd, I took bump pics but that's all x

  • My mum actually brought me a pregnancy journal today but its more for when she's here as its things like where she was born and what time and then it goes onto her first night at home was like..... Her first word was..... And so on. Tbh i think i would get a bit bored writing a diary as wouldn't be very fun lol all I'm doing is sitting at home and having the odd trips out. Plus I'm 27 weeks this Friday so would be a bit late to start now as would have started from day 1 finding out x
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