Is now an ok time?

Im fed up of seeing all the baby clothes I've brought in the boxes. Buying the cot set this Sunday from mammas and poppas. Wont arrive till next week. 27 weeks this Friday and was wondering is now an ok time to start washing all her baby clothes? I doubt i will want to do it when I'm further along and plus I'm bored lol also when do we do hospital bags? x


  • Yeah u can start washing any time n also do hospital bag any time aswell. Best to b organised in my opinion. I ended up packing my hospital bag while I was in labour first time lol. 2nd time it was packed but had to repack when I found out I was having a c-sec x

  • I had the babys room decorated, clothes washed and everything sorted at around 30 weeks. I didnt want to be staring at it for too long before baby arrives as it will just make you more impatient to meet him/her. Im now 39 weeks and getting impatient! Lol - However ive only just packed my hospital bag at37 weeks! image

  • All three times I washed everything at around 25 weeks (eager beaver lol) then did it all again at 38 weeks haha. I packed and 're-packed my hospital bag about umpteen times and always started early. I found it REALLY helpful to have a checklist before hand and I forgot a towel EVERY TIME lol. I must say though I SWEAR by paper knickers ESPECIALLY after a section cos they don't irritate your wound. My first two deliveries were emergency sections and third one was  a planned one and the paper pants saved my bacon every time xxx


  • Thank you image

    Ive just sorted through all her whites and going to do them first. Bit worried with some of her things as some of the white ones have some colourful writing on and worried they will run image

    Also a lot of her dresses are hand wash only so looks like im gone have to be doing that as well!

    Hospital bag i think il start next week as going shopping with the mum so can get a list together image thanks for the advice xx
  • I'm wearing massive size 16 bloomers that reach up past my belly button LOL pure granny pants but they are so comfy on my scar! Add to that the fact I haven't shaved for like 3/4 weeks, I have to say I am lookin bang tidy down there right now pmsl x

  • lol lh not shaving ive given up on lets say hedge trimming?? hehehehe although my legs are still being shaved.just!

    as for baby clothes im 25+2 and all baby clothes are washed and put away. ive got serens bag packed just not my hospital bag although im thinking about it 

  • Awww lovely name puddy x

  • thank you LH its welsh for star. my oh is welsh and has always loved the name and i love it to her middle name will be belle so she will be our beautiful star!!


  • Haha im struggling to shave down there now lol my bumps in the way. Everywhere else is fine though. My boyfriend told me to use a small mirror when in shower so i can see what im doing lol. Love the name as well Puddy image weve chosen Sienna-Lilly for our little girl. Was either that or Ameila image if i end up with another girl as want 3 all togeather il have that name. Always wanted Eli for a boy as well xx
  • Oh ladies, I had to laugh at your posts especially the one about size 16 bloomers and hedge trimming ha ha ha

    I always wondered how you shave or whether you shave down there before you into labour? I would consider asking DH ha ha I will lose my dignity anyway and it's not like he's not seen what it looks like down there image


  • lol to be fair my oh did say hed help.

    sienna lilly is so so lovely!!

    ive already got abigail elizabeth. lilly rose and amelie grace.

    its always been hard for me to think of boys names so its just aswell we are a house of girls.

    i think they used to shave you down below before labour but these days hairy is ok lol


  • We have a lily rose too , lovely name , can't decide on the name for this one , think we have both covered but will see what s/he looks like when they arrive , trying to fit beau /bow in there somewheare as this will be our rainbow baby , dh isn't convinced though - got a good  few weeks to work on him image , haven't got clothes , bedding out the loft yet might try n do it this weekend , good to be organised x x

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