Doppler !?!?!

Ok i know i shouldnt have but me being me im curious and sometimes impatient lol !! Im only 7 weeks and 1 day so tonight i got relaxed and decided im gonna try out the fetal doppler lying on my bed searching for the heartbeat BOOM there it was loud and clear so i just listened for a wee while and enjoying every bit of it after that i decided i would check around juuuust incase as i got to the other side of my tummy i heard an even louder and faster heartbeat :O what do you guys think ?? Think it could be ?? I would be well over the moon if it was to turn out to be twins!! But should i wait till my next scan on the 28th of march or should i phone up and find out more info xx


  • I think sometimes it can be an echo but u never know image x

  • Yeah I would say its a echo. But never know. My midwife said they can also pick up your own heartbeat plus womb noise !

  • I agree with the other 2 but you never no it could be twins image just have to hold on till you have your scan!x
  • Yep totally see what you mean suppose a didnt think about the echo but its just wierd that the heartbeats were totally different & i know it wasnt nine that i was picking up because mines was a normal speed the beats i was hearing were fast and in different places from each other but hey il guess il just have to wait till the 28th of march xxx
  • Unfortunately I don't think a doppler can pick up your baby's heartbeat up so early, they have to do trans-vaginal ultrascound scans to pick it up at 7weeks rather than an abdominal scan. It is probably just your heartbeat you have picked up and possibly your placenta, but I think midwives can only pick it up with a doppler after 13weeks.

    But I guess you never know until you have your scan xxx

  • When i was 12 weeks pregnant i was going to get a doppler but was told it can be quite early to hear the heartbeat even at this point. Mothercares doppler recommends you can hear the heartbeat when your 20 weeks and the midwife didn't have a go at listening to babies until i was 15 weeks. Which we did manage to hear but even before she had a go she still said it could still be a bit early x
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