Water and light

I've been reading online tsat baby's are supposed to response to ligot or water, in shower etc, but when I get so the shower I don't notice any movement. It's hard to know what's normal and what isnt image anyone else have a take on this? 


  • Hi

    I have a shower all the time and i dont think ive noticed any movement either. Its first time ive heard about this.

    Regarding light i think shes moved a couple times when i put the tourch on my iphone but i mever really do this because she might not like it. How far gone are you?x
  • Tried water, light, cold, heat to turn Lexie but little bugger wasn't interested in any of it x

  • My first used to move in the bath a lot but none of my others have. This one sometimes responds to my other half putting cold hands on my bump
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