please help! anybody who has had an ectopic....

Hello again lovely ladies, as most of you know I am currently around six weeks pregnant (got bfp on 11th Feb) I have ha  a bit of sickness on and of  for a couple of weeks but nothing really this last week. Felt sick once the other day. I have  ha , sorry for tmi  diorrhea (which is why I am up now) an  pains in my left ovary side ( like a pinching pain which make  me double over if I cough sneeze or laugh etc as it feels like a stabbing pinching pain. I have had period pains on and off though only mild for a week or so and yesterday they were quite bad. I have had Brown and almost black spotting since last Thursday an  pain under my left rib and in the middle at the bottom of my ribs. Anyway I googled my symptoms and according to bus choices they are signs of an ectopic ( I know I know bloody google lol) but I am kinda freaking out a bit and would love to hear some stories not just . From women who have had an ectopic but  also from women who have ha  these symptoms and it WASN'T an ectopic xxxxx


  • I was convinced my first was going to be ectopic because I was sure I was presenting those symptoms. Had the bleed, pain discomfort etc. Anyways my lo is fast asleep in his rocker and 9 weeks old now! If you are worried ie. If bleeding or pain get worse get checked out. It is common to bleed a little in early pregnancy but any worries see your gp x

  • Thank  hun. I do bleed in pregnancy but it just feels different this time if you know what I mean. Will go to a and e if pain bleeding gets back  thanks again xxxxx

  • With me I wasnt sure how many weeks I was. Beginning of septwmber a few years back had a very very light period. Water was pink and lasted a day. Negative test. Left it until next month, had brown discharge a d got faint positive. Got bleeding really light on and off forfew days. Wondered if bleeding was thrush. (Didnt itch or have symptoms of it) Doctor agreed it might be and gave me HCG test. Worked out as 4 weeks 6 day. Which was exactly right or so we thought. (should really have been 8weeks). Referred for early scan middle of oct. They couldn't see it. They couldnt even locate it when they scanned me when it ruptured oct 23rd. It was stuck to my ovary and they only found it during surgery. I had been rupturing for a while and slowly thats qhy I was in pain.

    My only symptom was pain and bleeding. The pain was mostly while urinating or passing a bowel motion and the spotting was mostly after passing a bowel motion. It was as if that was causing my tube to rupture most.

    They bleeding was only ever light and dry blood. The rest of the blood stayed local. I suppose thats why when they internally scanned me prior to surgery the three doctors doing it agreed that it looked like a infection in that area... stupid quacks lol

    Symptoms vary I suppose. That's my story hope it helps.
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