Hey girls ok i know that an obv symptom is sore boobs when pregnant but since yesterday they have been getting really sore and itchy and i have a dry patch on the right boob next to my nipple but i am scared that il rip the skin because there soooo itchy is there something i can use to cool them down lol pleeeeease help xx


  • Keep ur skin well moisturised hun not sure bout how to cool em down, I had some cussons mum and me cooling peppermint foot spray n I used to use that on my face and everywhere, it was really refreshing. Maybe something like that wud help x

  • Bag of peas over clothes for short periods so u dnt freeze yr nipple, ouch lol x
  • Lol thanks for the advise ladies i will be trying either or tonight image im feeling a tad bloated at the moment and the freezer is awayyyyy down stairs lol i have to be close to the loo for the moment haha im like a camel these days it never stops lol xx

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