is this normal?????

Hi ladies im 5 weeks on tuesday and due to phone midwifes tomoz because of having 2 m/c since july 2013.

iv got bad trapped wind! i seem to be trumping for England, did any one else have this?

Also getting some slight back ache and cramping in my left side, NO BLEEDING tho.

could the trapped wind and struggling to go for a number 2 (sorry) be the cause of the back ache and cramping????



  • The backache is normal, it's where the pelvis is starting to loosen up. I had this last time too image I've had awful cramping and followed by the need to use the loo (sorry tmi) so I would say this is also normal hon. Very glamourous isn't itimage x
  • how do i add the lilypie things?

  • Wind is normal unfortunately xxx
  • Thanks samantha image didnt have it with the 2 i lost and cant remember if i had it with my  little boy so hoping its a good sign lol xxx

    Also go me did the lilypie things image even tho its made my belly fruit only 4wks 3 days and i make myself 4wks 6 days xxx

  • I had it really early with my last, then again with this one. Its already a lot less. I only rember the last one because I was so embarassed as it smelled like milk and was soo frequent image tmi
  • Trapped wind can cause backache, I'm still suffering with wind since my c-sec and am major constipated as on iron tablets n my back ache is horrendous at times x

  • lol samantha xx

    LH86 im so embarrest every time i walk its like pump pump trump trump lol xx

  • Get some lactulose prescribed lovey. First thing I did when I found out as suffered really badly last time xxx

  • I have this too! Sooo not nice!!!xx
  • Minging, but does the job! xx

  • i got some image and it works well but find its making me trump more lol


  • Hi hunni only just seen this thread  ooooh the wind lol oh yes, I have that and also the constipation I am using dulcolax!! It's herbal and doc has given it to me in a few pregnancies, fybogel is rubbish for me as is anything similar. But dulcolax does work if I take one at night I'm trumping like a trooper overnight but by dinnertime next day I'm ready to go!! Hope it eases off for you soon hun. Oh the joys ay!! Lol xxxx

  • Yep all normal due to your digestion system slowing down from the change in hormones.

    If i'm not trumping, i'm burping and have regular indigestion!!!

  • Im regular now I drink plenty. I needed to eat prunes and bought prune juice (disgusting stuff prefer eating prunes even if they made me gag slightly). Since then I have kept on top of the fluid situation and I been going daily. Except today... then again I had no veg last night x lol
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