OMG!! they found a heartbeat!!!

hi lovely ladies, i just wanted to let you all know i had my scan this morning and am pleased to say bean looked ok!!  they said it is measuring about 6 weeks and it is obviously still early days but we saw the tiny little flicker of it's  heartbeat and it was amazing. i was and still am in TOTAL shock. he pain has been so bad i was totally convinced it was gone and had even started to grieve!!  plus i have bled for what will be a week tomorrow so, as you can imagine, i am gobsmacked at the news!! i thought i was around 4 weeks (since conception) but the dates tie in with lmp bar a few days. as i am still bleeding so i am cautiously excited. the epu have advised me to go back should it get really heavy or i pass clots. and i am to go back on the 11th march (two weeks today) for another scan. so in the meantime i suppose it is just a waiting game, waiting and hoping bean is a fighter!!  only time will tell what will happen i suppose but this really is better news than i could have hoped for!!!  i hope all of you lovely ladies are ok and i would like to say thank-you to all of you for your lovely kind words yesterday, it made me feel a lot more positive when i was feeling really bad. xxxx



  • Hi Keepthefaith,

    Amazing news, I almost cried when I read your message image Feeling emotional today ha ha I am very very happy for you and really hope that the little bean sticks and is still happy when you have your next scan image


  • Fab news huni!!!!!!

    Was buzzing when u said they found a heart beat!

    i hoping on the 17th i get the same result image going to ask them for a cheeky pic if all ok, so that i can show the other half to also put his mind at rest image

    these next few weeks are gonna feel like a life time!

    but im sure both you and i have super sticky little beans xxx

  • awesome, hang on in there little bean! X

  • Keepthefaith I'm so happy for you. I can image how happy you must be. Did they say what the bleeding could be caused by? Seeing that little heart beat has to be the best feeling ever.
  • Thank god image I'm pleased for you. I'm hoping the good news continues for you xxx
  • I am SO pleased to read this!! Congratulations xxxx
  • Im so pleased for you. Hopefully the bleeding stops and the next 2 weeks fly by x

  • Thank-you so much ladies  I still just can't believe it!! I keep trying to reign in my excitement a little as I know it is still early days an  still have af type pains (not half as bad as yesterday and last night  thank God) and still have d on  bleeding but I am thinking this little  bean isn't gonna give up without a fight so I'm not either!!! 

    They can't find a reason for the bleeding, the fetal pole, sac an  yolk sac are all there an  look perfectly healthy an  normal for date   no clots around  it or hemmorage or anything. And my ovaries etc are ok. She said some women just bleed in pregnancy there is no explanation for it. I asked if it could have been down to my section scar being only 10 months old when I concieved and she said it was  very recent but she said she couldn't say wether it is the cause of the bleeding. I just still can't believe that little flickering!! I was like "omg!!!" The sonographer looked at me surprised by how surprised I was (auto correct just changed the word  "sonographer" to "pornographer",  it's a good job I noticed before I posted haha) just gotta take it easy for now and look forward to two weeks time xxxxx

    Sweetjudy  thank you image I am the same lol I have cried a few times randomly myself today. Talk about emotional rollercoaster!! How are you doing hunni?? Xxxx

    How are all of you lovely ladies doing? I hope you are all well an  thanks again for all of the support image xxxx


  • so happy a miracle happened for you!!imagexxx

  • Awwwww so so happy you seen a heartbeat! Stay strong and hang on in there little bean xx
  • So happy for you, here's hoping you have an extra sticky bean x

  • Thank you ladies. I am still in shock and trying not to get too excited  as the pain intensified again last night. I am going to ring doc's tomorrow and ask them to run some tests as I want to rule out infection etc as a Cause of this bleeding. I know this may sound weird but I think this little bean will be a fighter, my dh's new in Nan passed away In just, and it turns out we conceived t he day she died it is like she  left us a little goodbye present.  Our sure felt like she was looking over her little present today.just hang on little bean we WILL get to the bottom of what is causing this bleeding xxxx

    Carioke, how are you hun? I have been thinking about you xxxx


  • Im so happy for u im really hoping I get the same when I go for my scan as I had a missed miscarriage at 12weeks in November 2013 which was horrific im now 6wks and 6days... good luvk and wish u a happy and healthy 9 mnths xx
  • Hi kayleigh and thank you hun . Sorry to hear about your loss, misscarriage is an awful thing to go through but it doesn't always mean it will happen again  remember that hunni and try to focus on your sticky bean. Here's to a happy an  healthy nine months xxxxx 


  • That made me chuckle about Nan leaving you a little present!image

    I'm doing good thanks! TMI-The bleeding and having to wear big pads is getting on my nerves but it's times like these you realise just how lovely and supportive people are!

     Take care hun xxx

    Hope everyone else is ok xx

  • Lol cheeky nanna image  I have started bleeding again today image   was feeling really optimistic about it all after  the scan on Tuesday an  the Bleeding stopping on Thursday but with it starting again today all the optimism has gone right out of the window. Just feel so low today image  xxxx

  • Oh no!! so sorry to hear that!! I hope and pray all will be ok, take care xx

  • Hi huni hope you ok? is it bad the bleeding? could just be your body settling down, when is your next scan again? xx

  • Keepthefiath - I'm going through the exact same thing as you. I'm 7+1 and spotting started over a week ago so had a private scan last weekend and only sac and yolk sac seen.  Bleeding got heavier, so went to A&E last Monday and was referred to EPU for a scan on Wednesday where they saw a heartbeat! Literally two hours after the scam I began gushing, and I mean gushing, red blood and have been bleeding since. No pain, no clots just blood.  It seemed to be easing yesterday but i got up this morning and it was pouring down my legs.   It seems to have eased a bit but who knows? I see my midwife on Tuesday and I'm going to ask for an EPU referral again.  Who knows what's happening with my body but after almost two weeks of this I am exhausted.  I've stopped worrying about it now to be honest, this is out of my control so googling symptoms and worrying myself sick is pointless,  if I am going to miscarry there is not a thing I can do about it.  I would just like it to happen if it's going to, because I can't take another week of this.   Are you bleeding heavily? Have you overdone it recently? We might just be women who bleed through the first trimester with no explanation for it, but get yourself checked for your own peace of mind.  Rest up and good luck xx

  • Hi Ellie jb, omg you said exactly what I am feeling, I just have had Enough!! I know lots of women on here will think I am a TOTAL bitch for saying this but if I am going to miscarry then I just want it to HAPPEN!! I am sick of being given hope just to be kicked in the teeth everytime. I am literally just emotionally an  physically battered and need all the fear and confusion to end either way I am just beyond caring HOW! I sound so awful I am just at the end  of my rope. 

    What have the hospital said to you hun?  They seem TOTALLY unbothered with me so does the doc and I've been told mw won't see u till 12 weeks which means my urgent referral to high risk won't happen until it is too late either for me or for baby. I have been bleeding quite badly and for eight days solid I bled without a break, it stopped for three days but started again today. I am through with scans etc as they only give u reassurance for the few.minutes you are lying there then when u het home and the bleeding starts again u r back to square one. Grrr it is all so frustrating isn't it hun. I hope you are ok, stupid thing to say I know but I totally understand how u r feeling right now. This will be my eighth mc and definitely my last, I am getting sterilized as soon as I can. I just can't keep putting myself through this xxxxx

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