can mood or the way you feel effects your baby?


  • Hiya , yes , I think it can affect the baby , I have been a bit emotional this last few days n baby has been moving slightly less n seems quite quiet , heard heartbeat today though so I know s/he is ok in there x x 

  • Minor stress and stuff is unlikely to harm yr baby else we wouldn't have these stupid hormonal effects on our mood. We would get lovely endorphins and feel good chemicals like our bodies reward us with after labour.
  • Hi

    Ive always been told that babies can. Why midwifes/doctors and everyone else say don't stress as it can effect the baby.

    This could have been stress related but my mums friend was pregnant a few years back. They were going away and all she did was work her self up and get really really stressed. She was at early stage of pregnancy and a week later she ended up loosing the baby.

    Ever since this happened to her ive always made sure i dont stress and to stay calm. Im 27 & 4 days pregnant and trying to still stay calm even though all sorts is running through my head regarding birth lol xx
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