When did you put all the safety things up?

I went into Kiddiecare this Sunday and my mind has just gone back to the safety things i had seen like safety gates and them safety plugs. Was just wondering when did you use these? I havent brought the gates yet but have a bag of the plugs. Is it best to start using them and to also get a gate for when baby is born to use strait away or did you or do you think its best to wait until baby starts crawling? Personally i was going to wait until she can start moving about herself but would like opinions from you lot please image xx


  • we waited till little man was crawling before putting up gates ect x

  • Yeah don't bother till u actually need them hun x

  • Thanks. I thought it was best to wait. Was just on my mind as was thinking when the health visitor comes after baby is born i don't want them to be thinking or saying why aren't these things in use yet x
  • We put safety locks on the cupboards after my daughter started crawling but tbh we've never bothered with stair gates & at 2 we've never had any problems. I also think if you put gates up then they want to go up & down the stairs, but maybe that's just my experience

  • Dnt put them up until u need them or they are a trip hazard when yr carrying baby etc... plus the amount of times I have bashed my legs on them over the years lol xxx
  • I don't own any! Once my daughter learnt to climb up & down stairs she only did when we were going up & down stairs so there was no reason to put gates up. She's now perfectly capable of going up & down stairs (which is handy as we have 2 sets of stairs & her nursery & our bedroom are on the 2nd floor) but she never goes up unless we are. I guess once she figures out how to open doors we may have to buy one but hopefully not.

  • I put stair gates up once my son started crawling. I haven't bothered with locks as I have put the stair gate on the living room so he can't get in the bathroom or kitchen anyway. I had the safety plugs but found out recently that UK sockets are actually really safe but using those plugs things makes them dangerous x

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