Feeling a bit worried

Hi ladies please help I am 7 weeks and last week when I was 6 I went for a scan but they couldn't see my baby is that possible? I have been spotting brown a little red think 2-5 days of red and ever since its brown. Had hcg done twice but both dropping I had its possible for it to drop since I'm going to sec trimester but the student doc said I must have my womb cleaned coz the baby died inside- I don't believe a word she says because I still have all the symptoms and I haven't had any blood Clots coming out not even blood I'm confused pls help!


  • Ahh I'm sorry to read this, try not to worry too much - I had a scan at the weekend after bleeding and nothing was seen, and had an internal scan yesterday and saw a little heartbeat flickering away! Did you have an internal scan? I'm not sure about bloods dropping though, mine bloods were ok, and to be honest I haven't heard of them dropping this early before but I could be wrong? Good luck xx
  • Jb I didn't do an internal scan I'm not even sure what's that but I will ask my Gyno thank u so much for your reply it helps me to keep calm
  • I would ask for an internal scan, they couldn't see a thing on the normal scan I had yesterday but found babies heartbeat straight away with an internal scan. It's where they insert a wand internally, they're not painful but can be a bit uncomfortable afterwards xx
  • hi didnt want to read and run

    if your 7 weeks gone then your still in your 1st trimester and i would ask for an internal scan, they will get a clearer pic of whats going on, at 7 weeks they should be able to see a heart beat.

    I lost 2 last year and at 6 weeks i saw my baby with a heart beat but 2 weeks later she/he had died, i had to have a d&c where they clear the womb it didnt hurt and they put you to sleep for it.

    If you HGC levels are dropping and your bleeding it sounds like you might be losing your baby, im sorry i dont want it to sound harsh, i still had symptoms till the day i went in for my op even tho i knew baby had died.

    With the bleeding i had dark brown and pink blood on and off for 2 weeks with both babies i lost, then i turned to bright red and loads of clotS.

    I really hope your turns out all ok, and your baby is fine, if you want to chat please message me xxx

    this is now my 3rd pregnancy in 8 months and hoping for a sticky bean this time round xx

  • Sarah I'm not bleeding just brown discharge it's not much I just see it when I wipe after the loo- n I haven't had blood clots n it's light brown- ill be going for a sonar in a weeks time I will keep u updated thank u so much for your reply
  • ideal huni thats fab keep us posted babes xxx

  • Amuke are you in the UK? Do you have a local Early Pregnancy Unit?
  • Jb I don't think we do have and no love I'm from South Africa-
  • That's a shame, try and rest and relax as much as possible, keep us updated x
  • Hi Amuke... Sorry to say this but if your HCG levels are dropping at 7 weeks that is not a good sign... They should def not be dropping at 7 weeks... Later on as you approach / move into the second trimester the rate of increase will slow. I hate to say it but lack of bleeding doesn't mean that the baby is still ok... I didnt have any real bleeding with my miscarriage where they estimate the baby died at about 6 weeks but i ended up having medical treatment at 10 weeks Because i hadnt started bleeding. Also the symptoms will continue for now even if the baby has passed... As you still have residual hormones in your system. I still had symptoms 2 weeks after my medical miscarriage as my HCG was slow to drop afterwards.

    as the other ladies have said... I would ask for an internal (trans-vaginal) ultrasound scan which will give you a definite answer as to whether your baby is ok. On an internal scan, a heartbeat can be detected at 4 weeks... So you would definitely know if you should be 7 weeks.

    i really wish you the best & hope things are ok for you.... & if they are sadly not... Please remember we are here for you to talk things through. X

  • Hi

    Second trimester isint until your 13 to 14 weeks pregnant. I would see a qualified doctor as a student doctor shouldnt really be explaining things with you incase their wrong unless a qualified doctor was sitting in with them.

    Take it easy and hope everything turns out to be ok
  • Thank u ladies- sw2 ill keep u posted but I want u to know something for the future not all trees of the same fruit bear fruits the first time - "I knew u before u were formed in your mothers womb" and I place before u life and death- what The Lord has started inside my womb him alone can finish- ill stick around to testify for u ladies-
  • Amuke... How are you doing? Thinking of you & hope all is well

  • hi amuke, have you ha  your follw up scan yet? hope you are ok hun xxxx

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