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16 week check

Hi my friend is 16 weeks pregnant and had her check with the midwide yesterday

Thats all she done was check blood pressure 

Didn't feel belly or listen for heartbeat

She was a bit down about it asked the midwife and said dont listen until 20 weeks 

Is this right

Im having my 16 week check on 13th march and hoping to hear heartbeat

Im sure on my other 2 I did listen early

Any info plz x



  • Hi Donna,

    I had my 16 week check on Monday and my MW didnt listen to the heartbeat either and said they dont until 25 weeks. I think it depends on the area you are in - a friend of mine has had the heartbat listened to twice and she is 14 weeks but only because she was experiencing bleeding at the time.

    HTH x

  • Hi

    Im 28 weeks tomorrow but when i had my 16 week Midwife appointment i was something like 15 weeks and a few days she took my blood pressure, wee sample and i got to listen to babies heartbeat.

    She did say though if i dont get to hear it its because its still a bit early. Soon as she put the doppler on my tummy i heard it image

    Like MrsW has said it must be different rules in different areas. The Hospital i went to have my scans at dont let you listen to the heartbeat but other Hospitals do.

    If you dont get to listen to babies heartbeat at your 16 week appointment the one after you will image ever since i got to hear heartbeat the first time she lets me have a little listen every time i see her now.

    Just had my 28 week appointment today as see her every 2 weeks now its getting close to the birth and i got to have a little listen image its amazing so when you do get to hear it enjoy it as they dont let you listen for long x
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