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sex of baby ring test

Hi im desperate to know what im having lol

Ive just done the ring test and it's swinging in big circles 

Most sites say circle for a girl and couple say back and forth for a girl

Anyone done this test and its been right for them 

And any idea which way is right

I know it's an old wives tale just like trying them out lol



  • Hi

    Didnt want to read and run lol. Ive never done this test before but before i found out what i was having i did come across this on google once and all the comments were saying they was just about accurate when they found out. So who knows image

    How far along are you? X
  • Im nearly 15 weeks 

    Been looking at the gender predictions 

    Have you tried the ring test and was it right for you?


  • No i havent tried it. I was going to but then didnt bother as what ever it would predict i just had a feeling i would get that into my head and then when i did get scanned at the 20 week app they would say the oppoiste lol.

    Its like the bump test. Im 28 weeks pregnant today and when i was 15 weeks this woman looked at my bump and said boy. When i had the 20 week scan they said girl. Had a 4d scan at 26 weeks and they confirmed it was a girl image also the guy there before i had the scan looked at my bump and said girl.

    Best thing to do is just wait till you have the scan but theres no harm in having a go at the ring test like you have image x
  • Maybe you should give it a go a and see if its a girl by the ring test lol

    If its not I know not to pay attention lol

    Anyone else know what they having and willing to try ring test 


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