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bunged up!

I remember having a really blocked nose with my first two pregnancies, but not the third (which sadly ended in mmc) so I'm taking it as a good sign but, well, it's so annoying!! No doubt I'll be going through lots of albas oil on my pillow just to try and get some sleep. anyone getting any other pg symptoms yet?! Yesterday when I was at work I felt like I had ms already and when I cleaned my teeth I was retching for ages, I am a bit under the weather though so it could just be the bug. I got ms at 6 weeks with my 1 & 2 but not until after we knew pregnancy had ended at 8 weeks with my 3rd. How are you all feeling? X


  • hi huni

    i am feeling tired, and a bit snappy at times, i get a tingle feeling over my boobs and not really having ms yet, but that didnt hit me till 10 weeks plus with my son,

    the 2 m/c last year i had no symptoms at all so im hoping these are a good sign, im 5 weeks today and got a scan booked on the 17th were il be around 7.5 weeks xx

  • I'm dreading ms. And the insane tiredness but I'm looking forward to it at the same time. Still on knicker watch every time I go to the toilet. It won't sink in for a while yet and I can't wait to get a scan but so nervous too.
  • I'm also mega snappy at dh. Poor sod :/
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