Drugs to maintain pregnancy

TTC 13 months before had ovarian drilling Dec 13. First cycle after drilling took Clomid 50mg delighted with BFP.

Called dr with good news. Prescribed progesterone and aspirin for first 13 weeks.

7 weeks had scan and saw heartbeat feeling very positive but dr prescribes hcg shots for next 6 weeks and progesterone till 24 weeks. Now feel really worried about all the intervention.


Previous mc 2011 at 7 weeks

successful pregnancy 2008 problems with bleeding and preeclampsia


  • Anxious I also am on progestrone twice daily till I'm 13 weeks. I had two mc last yr. I'm about 12 now so so far so good. Sorry for your loss and I'll be thinking of you in hopes the progestrone helps you too.
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