Bounty packs?????? in scotland????

Hi ladies so i know when i was in devon i got my Bounty packs image which i just loved!

But im now living in scotland and just wondering if anyone up here knows if we get Bounty packs??????

My 2 m/c up here that i have had i never got passed the 8 weeks mark so never really had to do any paper work side of things so never asked them about Bounty packs x


  • i think you can ask for them online as well.

    i also subscribed to emmas diary online and you get vouchers which you take to boots or argos for 3 packs. theres mum to be, bumb to baby and new family. they are amazing. and in the mum to be ack you get a johnsons starter pack, with baby wipes and smples of the products.xx

  • iv joined bounty online from my 1st bubba have just updated details and it has gone to 4 packs! i got 5 in 2012 but oh well lol

    it says 1st pack is given by midwife/booking app so will ask them on the 17th, hope they have them up here xx

  • Whats a bounty pack ?? im from scotland image xx

  • I'm in Scotland and got my bounty packs but my children are now 11 and 6. So dnt know if we still get them.x
  • Hey Sarah yr near me lol. x
  • Bounty parks are just one of the most fab things ever!! you get them through out and after bubba and they have loads of little gifts in them!

    really hope they do them up here!

    Samantha where you 2? inbox me xx

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