FInding out!

I have just been naughty and booked a 16 week gender scan image Who's finding out and who's staying team yellow? x


  • I found out last time but considering team yellow this time!x
  • I will be finding out at my 20 week scan image It is baby #1 for us and we just want to be able to plan and prepare for the new arrival and plus my OH hates surprises haha.

    I have a scan in 2 weeks at 14 weeks so wondering if they may be able to tell then although I won't want them to guess as I'd rather them not get it wrong and get our hopes up one way or the other x

  • defo finding out xx

  • My oh wants to keep it a surprise! I want to know!!
  • We already have 2 boys, oh badly wants a girl, and our boys have requested twin boys!!... would love a girl but boy or girl l don't mind... just not twins.. So team yellow.
  • We will definitely be finding out at the 20 week scan! I like to be able to refer to the baby as him or her & to tell my daughter if she's expecting a baby sister or brother

  • We're definitely staying Team Yellow, we want the surprise image

  • i found out with all three of my daughter's so thinking of staying team yellow this time as this will b  our last baby, although saying that i have lots of extra scans due to a previous complete placental abruption so i think the temptation maybe a little much and i might cave and find  out at one of them lol xxxx

  • oh no keepthefaith you have to find out bump buddy!!!! xxx

  • haha, sarah i am sure i will crumble and find out as I'm MEGA nosey and even if I'm strong at the twenty week scan and don't find out I'm sure i will at my four weekly scans after that lol xxxxx

  • lol i cant wait to find out if my feeling is right or not image xx

  • Hi everyone,

    This is my 3rd, I was team yellow with my first but I found out with my 2nd.going to find out this time too! Got a gender scan on 23rd april and I'm so excited! We have 2 daughters so DH would like a boy this time, I don't mind either way though image

    Hope you're all keeping well xx


  • I'm so excited about seeing bubba. Got my 12 week scan 2 weeks today so very excited about that one. Then another 4 weeks till we found out.  Convinced it's a boy though xxx

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