which is the best thread to keep up with you ladies due in october ladies ???

Hiya all, there seems to be a few different threads about being due in October which one are you all mainly on, so I can get to know everyone and try and keep up with everyones stories ? xx


  • *# Don't know what went on with that title sorry, blaming vaby brain already haha
  • *# Don't know what went on with that title sorry, blaming vaby brain already haha
  • I think in here is the official dio threads but there is one within the pregnancy section which seems much more active! With my last pregnancy we set up a secret facebook group which was a good way to keep up x
  • I don't even go into the specific forum groups. I just sort the posts into latest post. That way I get to see everythingimage x
  • How do you do that samantha?X

  • Im on my mobile. Forum options at the top. I press' jump to: latest posts. 'Then I get a list of all the threads most recently posted on. Makes life so much easier x
  • Hello everyone. And huge apol from us at not spotting the other Due on October thread in our Pregnancy section.

    That must be very confusing for everyone!

    We'll just pop over there now and move their thread into the October Birth Club section, so at least all you October lot don't have to keep moving between forum sections. 

    Lovely to see all of you doing so well. Don't you dare move over to Facebook, now: you did all meet each other here after allimage

  • hello queenasanti, bx have move  our dio thread to this forum (which i didn't know existed) and we'd love for you to jump on board an  meet everyone image xxxxx

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