First midwife appointment

Hi ladies, 


just a quick question, when you had your booking in appointment did the midwife listen for babies heartbeat, and if so, how far gone were you at time of booking in 

Despite this being my 3rd pregnancy I can't remember if/when they do it!




  • My midwife listened to my babys heart beat at my booking appointment but I was 13 weeks x

  • Hi

    My first appointment with midwife was at 9 weeks. She didnt listen to heartbeat as was far too early.

    Second appointment was the 16 week one. I was 15 weeks and a few days. This is when i got to listen to it image all though she did say its still a bit early so might not hear but strait away i did. Ive read on this website though didferent areas of the county have different rules and some dont get to listen to it intil their in the 20 weeks plus x
  • My mw didn't try & listen for a heart beat with my 1st until my 16 week appointment I think even then some places won't do it that early

  • My first appointment was at 8 weeks and she didn't listen. At 16 weeks was still too early and she said she will listen at 25 weeks x

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