Am I pregnant..?

Hello, let me start off by saying I'm 17. My boyfriend and I recently stopped using condoms because I got contraceptive sponges. Even with the sponges I still have him pull out before he ejaculates each time. Although on the last day of my February period we did not use any contraception method besides having him pull out. One night we had sex twice, he did not pee in between which I heard can make you pregnant even if he pulls out (I had a sponge in.) On March 1st (two days ago) I was with him and while he was fingering me, he pulled out his fingers and they were covered in blood. I was very surprised by this, as my period is not supposed to happen until March 12th. I figured I had just started my period early, but the bleeding only lasted for that night. It was pretty heavy bleeding and it was red. Could that have been implantation bleeding? Or it is possible that I had an 11 day early period that only lasted one day? Or maybe there is a totally different explanation. Thanks to everyone for your time to read this and respond.


  • It's probably unlikely, I'm not sure what the bleeding would be though. It's worth doing a pg test maybe a couple of days before you're due (normally) and obv if you are late, you need to get it  checked out. 

    Stupid question, but what are contraceptive sponges???! 

  • it is encouraging to hear that it is unlikely, I will definitely get a test soon. Contraceptive sponges are placed far into the vagina and they release spermicide. Thanks again for your reply. image

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