September due dates

I saw a thread for people due in oct and wanted to start one for September. I'm due sept 20th. I've had extreme fatigue and nausea but I think the fatigue is easing up a little bit. I have been able to do more during the day without wanting to fall over. I just started to feel like I need new pants not quite maternity but a bigger size for sure.


  • Hi Nicole,

    I am due 13th September image As soon as I hit 12 weeks my sickness and tiredness seemed to disappear which is great!  I am starting to enjoy the pregnancy now so going to enjoy it while it lasts.  A lot of my trousers also don't fit and are very tight so I tend to wear leggings but I did buy a pair of maternity jeans that just have a little band on them so I can wear them now and also bought some maternity tights to wear with dresses at work x

  • (Im not here.... im due in Oct. But just want to say how much hope u two have given me saying yr feeling better.. roll on next month)
  • Samantha thank you I appreciate it. It's been a rough road. How are you feeling? When's your DD
  • Oh Samantha, it really does get easier.  You never think the day is going to come but it sure does.....hang on in there image

    I used to feel sick every day and was worse when I was hungry but I was only physically twice, so I know I did quite well but I was also extremely tired and would nap every day at 7pm.  I now don't feel sick at all, although this morning I was gagging while emptying the bin haha.  I tried to have a nap last night but it just didn't happen haha.


    It's kinda weird because I feel normal and don't feel pregnant other than my little bump!


  • Angelawass were only a week apart I and similar to you with the symptoms easing off. I did but maternity underpants and a shirt so far.
  • Angwass sorry I wrote Angela lol
  • H Nicole, it's name is actually Angela anyway image

    Think I may have to invest in some bigger pants shortly haha.  I saw a lovely top in New Look that said 'hands off my bump' but I didn't buy it but think I may order it offline as it will be cool to wear it during summer image x

  • Hello, hello

    So I am due on 7th or 8th of September according to my 12 week scan. They brought the date forward by 3 / 4 days image

    Angela - I bought a couple of 'hands off the bump' tops. One is red and short sleeved and the other one is pink and a vest top - got them for £3 each in New Look ha ha, couldn't believe my eyes when I found them on sale. Also bought a stripey one, white and dark blue from new look. Have a look at, the clearance section for maternity stuff, they are usually half price . . . I keep checking every day cos their stock and size availability seem to change every day.

    Nicole - glad to hear that the fatigue is saying goodbye . . . 


  • Sweetjudy I think I jinxed myself I literally was about to fall over I was so tired. I had to beg my 4 yr old to lay down and watch cartoons so I could lay down a bit.
  • Hi ladies im due 27th sept and throwing up everything I eat roll on 12 weeks praying this sickness clears soon but docs said could be twins?????? hahah xxx

  • Craftymummy being sick really does stink doesn't it. I hope you start to feel better soon. That has to be so hard. I have nausea but I don't throw up. It just makes it miserable.
  • Ooooo Judy I shall have a browse on a few websites and see if I can pick anything up in the sale as you got some right bargains!  I think the one I saw in New Look was £7 which is still a good price anyway image

    When I had my scan they never actually told me a date, I don't know if that's because baby was measuring exactly as I should be and therefore my date hasn't changed.  When I went for my first midwife appointment she dated it as 12th September but everything I've looked at says 13th so I am just going by that haha.  Can't wait for my scan on 18th to see baby again x

  • Bless you Angela. I think it must be because you measured exactly as you should have been. Mine moved from 11th September to 7th / 8th image

     I was naughty again today and bought another pair of jeans ha ha I had to promise myself that these were the last ones image My first pair arrived today thou and they are gorgeous and fit well too

    Nicole - Did you see the docs today? What did they say about the thyroid? Hope all is ok ...


  • Sweetjudy I go on Thursday to the dr. I will get back to you guys and fill you in as soon as I hear what they have to say. I think it's cute that your buying yourself some clothes good for you
  • I had my appointment today. The dr couldn't get the babies heartbeat so she gave me quick scan it was great. The baby was bouncing all over had a great heartbeat and was waving her little hand. I have a tilted uterus so she said it will be hard to get the heartbeat till the baby is a bit bigger.
  • Does anyone know what can be safely used for constipation? I know that most things aren't safe. I have been bloated and having a tough time trying to go and don't want to try to hard sorry for the tmi
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