when did you start to show

Hi I'm 8 weeks tomorrow and sure Im showing. This is my third . I have had a wee bump since 6 weeks which I obvs didnt think was my uterus. Now however Im sure I can feel the fundus above my second c section scar, 2 cms above. When did you all show? x


  • I popped out at 8 weeks with both, just looked bloated lol x

  • For me i had what looked like abit of a pot belly up until 12 weeks from 8 the I just ballooned" I was in the shower one day and was like wait a minute were are my feet lol xxxx

  • Im 9 weeks & 3 days today i posted a similar post the other week as i started show aswell and wanted to know if it was normal to show early on. this week im feeling mostly bloated but defo showing lol xx
  • im only 6 wks with my 2nd but 4th pregnancy and already feel like iv got a belly popping out! we should do early bump pics xx

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