share a scan pic?? please

Hi girls i wonder if any of you could help me out and i know its a big ask.

Im due to have a belly scan on the 17th il be around 7.5 wks for this scan.

my 2 m/c i had, i had scans but because things where not right i never saw the baby at 7.5 wks just wondering if any one had a scan done around this time and would be willing to share a pic so i could see what i should be looking for on the 17th.

i know its a very personal ask but would really be a big help to me xx



  • Hi

    I had one at 6 weeks. Not 7.5 but i could still upload it to show you?

    If no one has any to show you at the week your after have you googled imaged it? Xx
  • i have googled it huni but the pics that are coming up are no way 7.5 weeks, they look more like my 12 week scan i had with my son!

    please babes if u dont mind xx

  • image

    had to take a picture on my iPad from iPhone caus for some reason my iPhone don't let me upload photos onto this website. 

    But there you go image was literally like a blob but she had a heart beat and that point which I could also see image xx


  • At that point*

  • I had early scan with my son at 6 weeks could see heartbeat but only seen a tiny dot that was him midwife pointed it out to me very hard to see unless they point it out

    Sorry but no picture x 

  • Thank you Haleigh so any thing that size or bigger is a good starting point lol xx

  • image

    This was Lexie at just over 8 weeks. She measured in at 21mm x 

  • Lh 86 your pic is lovely and clear hun image and a great example of what Sarah should see image I've. Been trying to upload mine for you hun but for some reason the scan pic is shiny and reflecting the Light so all you can see is a bloody white blob of light. Sorry hunni. How many days on the countdown clock now hun xxxx

  • Huge big thanks to LH86 and MrsW2012 thanks girls its a great help image little belly fruit should be 7+4 or more on my scan image

    LH86 love how clear lexie's little shot is! 

    1 week, 5 days and 15 mins image chloe xxx

  • I found a great website ahowing scan pics from 4-12 weeks. Will look for it for you. Not that yours will be anything like these cos they picked the moat clear ones to show. My daughters one is not clear at all image lol xxx
  • Google first trimester scans thats the site I was on the other day. Xx
  • How do I add a photo? I'm on my phone!
  • Sian its the little tree icon at the top of the box you type your message into

  • image

     Sarah this was about 8 weeks. Head on left, the white patch is nose/mouth x

  • Hi ladies hope you don't mind me joining you on here. I'm going for a private early scan tonight just for peace of mind everything is ok . I am 6 weeks and 2 days so wi upload pic when had it done xx
  • Sian thank you and wow so cute xx

    Thank you Lotttie and good luck for your scan cant wait to see an update from you xx

  • Hiya, scan went really well but apparently only 4 weeks have got. Picture but very very tiny lol... Have been told to go back in 10 days so she can re scan me. How do I upload pictures? X
  • Thats fab babes image to upload a pic you click on the tree shape icon in the box xx

  • image

     Well i got this, this morning so i think all is ok and i just have to relax now image super happy to see a 3+ xxx

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