Can baby have quiet days?

Im 29 weeks on Friday and today and a bit of yesterday baby has seemed a bit quiet. Shes been kicking but not enough like she normally does. Ive done some googling and read that babies can have quiet days eapecially round this time as their going through a growth spurt? Having read that i have noticed and so has my boyfriend as he said yesterday my bump looks even bigger. Has anyone else had this or should i contact the midwife? X


  • Im laying on my side and shes been moving quite a bit now
  • i was exactly same few days ago. . i even rang midwife, then they started moving like normal. . so i say yes they have sleeping or chilled moments image
  • i waas the same my midwife use to tell me to drink a glass of cold/ice cold water and then lay on my side, and remember if your ever unsure just call your midwife its what she is there for, i use to just call mine up for any thing i was unsure about, she was very good would pop up to my house with the doppler image i remember when i had my show i freaked out and knew she was off duty but she still took my call, il never forget the day after i had my son, we went to see her for my check up (she couldnt deliver me as i had to have him in a hospital and not a maternity unit) we hadnt told her that i had him, she still thought it was my check up to get me booked in for induction she went mental but in a happy way lol and now my boy is 18 months andwe have moved away we still speak to her and she will be so happy when we share our news with her in a few weeks time image 

  • i think they say you should feel baby 10 times in a day (im guessing they mean 24hours)

    i know i have some days were seren moves all day and night and others when its just a few active times.

    also ive noticed the movements have changed this last week or so. (im 27+4) the movement are more solid if that makes sense?? oh and sometimes bloody uncomfortable lol

  • yes they do, they like to worry us even befor  theyre here lol. i lost count of the amount of time   my dd would be really quite id ring antenatal assessment unit go in to be checke  out and she'd start dancing the minute i got there lol. they like to make us out to be neurotic  hypoconriacs too lol. if you ever get a  day where you feel nothing at all then I'd suggest contacting your nearest maternity or antenatal ward hun just to be on the safe side xxxxxx

  • They do have quiet days. But movements should never slow down. I went into triage twice with my son. And was induced at 41 weeks with reduced movements. Always go and be checked it not worth the risk image x
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