am I pregnant or is this my period?! HELP

me & my bf had unprotected sex on feb 9, feb 12, feb 16 & a few times after that. he injected every time (planned). my last period ended feb 5th. (maybe the 4th?) I'm pretty sure I was ovulated. the next morning after the 9th I started feeling different in my stomach. (sounds crazy i know) then a few days later I started feeling dizzy, slight cramps, headaches, nausea (no throw up), peeing more, etc. also when I would lay on my stomach for a while it would become uncomfortable sorta felt like a squishy baseball was in my stomach... I took a pregnancy test about 2 weeks later & it was negative. on March 2 or 3 I started getting really bad cramps & felt like my period was about to come on (which was suppose to around that time) but it never came. yesterday I started spotting. I knew that it could be implantation bleeding so I didn't worry about it. this morning I woke up & the bleeding is heavier. (cramps are still there) (this isn't like my normal period, I usually don't spot a day before my period begins.) now the bleeding has went back to spotting. I have a doctors appt today, yearly check up, I was going to ask for a pregnancy test but I don't want my mom to find out yet. what does it sound like to you guys? period or pregnancy? or all in my head?


  • hi huni didnt want to read and run

    It could be either you will only know if you either ask for blood tests or re test in a few days time, i know it horrid having to wait but thats all you can do xx

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