pregnant so soon after miscarriage? ?

Hi ladies. Wondering if someone could give me advice. I m.c in January at 8wks. And it completely devastated me and my hubby as it would of been our first. Yesterday it dawned on me my period was late so in a panic I ran out on my lunch hour and got a pregnancy test. Now in a bit of daze I lifted the first one I seen and its a predictor early pregnancy test. Not one id used before. Did the test and a vivid positive Line appeared. Now I was at the doctor last wk getting blood tests and nothing was mentioned when those results came back? Could I be pregnant? I I really dont want to get my hopes up or my hubands. Would really appreciate the advice ladies.xx


  • i would say you very likely could be hun. if i was you id go and get another test that you feel confident with.

    a lot of ladies fall pregnant quickly after mc.


  • Hi puddy. Went out a lunch and got 2 clear pregnancy tests and they are both positive! I am beyond thrilled image now just want to get to my doctor and make sure everything ok. So so so happy. Xx
  • Hi huni yippie!!!

    i m/c 24/12/2013 via d&c and was pregnant again by mid feb! im now 6wks + 1 day lol


  • yay!!!!!! congrats hunny big huge hugs


  • so so thrilled! thankyou girls!xx

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