baby names, your ideas!!! :-)

Hi ladies, I was wondering if you could help me out image  I need to think of a name beginning with L (both boys and girls as we don't know what we are having yet) but my other three children's name's all begin with L (not ok intentional they were the only names I liked lol) anyway, I feel I can't now call this bub something beginning with anything other than an L. I am STUMPED!!!! I already have Leonie Layla and lainey-Grace. Thanks ladies image  xxxxxx



  • Morning keepthefaith,

    a few that have popped into my head are:

    Girls - Leah, Lexi, Lilly-Mae, Lucy,

    Boys - Lance, Liam, Logan


    Must admit we have got plenty of girls name that we like and not one boys name haha.  We plan to find out if we are team pink or team blue and then will start thinking more seriously about names haha x

  • Morning image

    Girls - Lilly-Rose, Lilliana, Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lexie Liberty, 

    Boys - Luca, Lucas, Leo, Leighton, Lennie, Lewis


  • Nice idea even it it was unintentional! image

    well it's tough to think of ones that are different from the good ones already suggested! ...

    girl suggestions: lilly, libby, lucia, 

    boy suggestions: leif, lochlan / lachan, leighton

  • I also dont mind sharing my definite wish for when i do have a baby... Whether its a boy or girl I want the middle name to be Enfys (pronounced envis)... It is welsh (my dad is welsh so i like that its keeping the heritage link) & means rainbow.... Which I love as it doesnt sound quite as 'hippy' as actually having rainbow as a middle name but i like that it will be remembering how special my 'rainbow baby' after the sadness of loss is.

  • Girls London , lexy

    Boys Landon, Liam ,

    L's are hard I can't think of many lol.
  • Landon sounds very posh indeed 

  • I like lacey for a girl 

    Boys are harder maybe Lewis x

  • Oooh I LOVE your suggestions ladies!!! It definitely narrows it down when you're looking for name  only beginning with L! Lol. I love th  name Leo for.  Boy but dh says it's too close to Leonie (our eldests name)  but tbf im carrying baby and taking all the risks so I will decide hahaha. Xxxxx

    Sw 2 no way do you like the name enfys!!!!! I wanted that for my eleven month old as im Welsh and it means rainbow, I saw a rainbow EVERYDAY in my first trimester with her, and had lots o  problems so believed it was  the angels sending me.  Divine message that she was going to be ok. I call her our rainbow baby and DESPERATELY wanted to call her enfys but I didn't wanna come away from the L' s and have her the "odd one out" if you know.what I mean but that is still her nickname. I also call her cariad which is a Welsh term of endearment and means beautiful or lovely.  As we live in Wales still dh thought enfys would be inappropriate as the welsh KNOW it means rainbow so he worried she may be picked on when she went to school as kids can be cruel can't they. I said who gives a poop lol I LOVE  that name. There are some lovely Welsh names like iain(pronounced yayan) for a boy and I like osian too (pronounced oshan) but again they're not Ls!  Xxxxxx

  • My boy is Leo. I love it, people bought us all lion things when he was born! Good strong name! I wanted Leonardo, Leo for short, but just went with Leo in the end! X

  • Hi huni

    Well boy i would say Lennon because its the worlds best name for a little boy.....can you guess what my boy is called lol

    other boy names levi, lewis, leighton (thats what im picking if its a boy) luther,lucas

    Girls lou, lexi, liby, layla, lydia, 


  • rose, i WILL talk dh into us having leo if it's a.boy cos i think I've already decided hahah i will definitely need some plan a b and c though (just in case my dh doesn't cave lol) xxxx

    sarah, hey hunni, i love lennon and leighton (three friends have a leighton so can't pinch that one lol dam!!!) and my middle daughter is called layla. image  i like all of these suggestions lol anjwass  i like ALL of yours but i always find the problem is getting names both you and dh BOTH like dont you think? ! dh likes liam and he is adamant he only likes that but we will see. i reckon I've got the best bargaining tool as im the one getting fat and throwing up lol. ooooh i just  love all the deciding on a name thing. its strsnge because with my other three i coul  only think of girls names and i kind of knew all along they were girls. ive got an inkling this ones another girl.but can only think of boys names lol xxxx

  • Keepthefaith.... Thats such a coincidince that you liked enfys too!! image and your other welsh suggestions are just lovely too!!

    Where abouts do you live? My nanna & taid live near wrexham (N.Wales)

  • Hi keepthefaith

    Yes its very difficult agreeing on a name. All names I was saying OH either didnt like or he knew someone with the name haha but we have agreed on a girls name now but aint thought of any for a boy....hope that means by doing that its a girl haha x
  • I'm in the north, used to visit Wrexham a lot to do shopping when i lived in dinbigh and in ruthin. its lovely an  we love living by the beach but we werenvery lucky a couple of months ago when thenrhyl and towyn and colwyn bay floods hit seemed to flood around us and we were like the only place untouched. we live next to kinmel bay now image xxxx

    anjwass I'm wondering the same about it being a boy as all i can hink of are boys names, i really don't mind what the gender is but i a SOOOO finding out at twenty week scan, nine months is FARRRRR too long to wait for someone as nosey as me haha xxxxxx

  • I love sharing names. Here's a list of some of my favorite girl names. You can steal any, of course, if you like them.



















    Cyra (SEER-UH) (Sir-Ah)

  • thanks aubrey image i shall add them to the list, i also like the name aubrey lol (is it pronounced or-bree?)  dh chose our youngests name (lainey-grace) so i deffo think it's my turn to pick this time image xxxxx

  • defo find it hard to pick names we both like

    i also like elliot but other half said no, i like logan but no, aaron but no! aaaahhhh man give up x

  • haha i might start telling him i wanna call it stuff like apple or banana pie or twinkle that way anything i suggest that isnt just weird will be gratefully recieved haha xxxx

  • lol apple pieimage love it xx

  • I'm having issues with boys names! My sons r called Mayson and Jaydon. I did like the name Layton cos it sticks with my 'y on' theme I have going on! But I keep dreaming I'm having a little boy called Isaac, which is also my grandads middle name. For a girl I have Sydney which is my grandads first name, I've had this name since I was pregnant with my first but both have been boys and haven't been able to use it yet! Xx

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