help needed for techno-phobe!!! :-)

Hi lovely ladies, hope everyone is well. I reeeeally want th  lilypie tracker thingy on my signature but am completely stumped as to how to do it. Any help would be hugely appreciated I've tried all the settings options things on my profile but still can't work it out lol. Sorry it's not really pregnancy related, it's not even baby brain preventing me from working it out I am just daft lol thanks again ladies image xxxx


  • Hiii

    I cant get it on mine image

    I went onto the website and copied the url once done. Pasted it into the signature on settings and never there. I think its because im on iphone and ipad. I cant even change my profile photo. Instead im stuck with this cartoon face lol. I got told you need to go on a computer/laptop to do all this.

    Bit annoying when i only have tablets now days image xx
  • ahhh bugger lol what's the website hun? i will see if i can do it and let you known how i get on. i am on a kindle fire and always use this and have managed to set a profile pic and upload pics off it etc do you know how to upload pics hun? i  you go to the box where you type a message there is a little icon with a picture of a tree and ifnyou click fhat you can upload a pic onto a thread also if you click your name at the top right hand corner of the page it will come up with.  list of options, click my profile or my settings and your profile pic should have a "change pic" option on the bottom right hand corner of the it and it should come up with the same options as when you click the tree icon to upload a pic onto a thred. cor blimey that sounds complicated lol xxxxxxxxxx

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