Had my 7 week scan...

...and baby is measuring spot on with a beautiful little heatbeat, even got to hear it which was amazing considering he/she is only 9mm!!

Hopefully I can relax now until my 12 week scan!! image


  • Hi huni 

    Congrates xx

    Im due for a scan on the 17th of march il be 7 wks and 4 days, can i ask what u saw? i put up a post to see if anyone had a scan pic of this sort of age, iv been shown 6 weeks and 8 weeks but not 7 xx

  • We saw yolk sack and baby was a little kidney bean shape next to it but seeing the flickering heartbeat was amazing!

    Can't work out how to post pic from phone, so will try it from a PC later x
  • I dont think u can on the phones lol but thank u that would be amazing if you could, ooohhh exciting do u know you edd? i think im end of october xx

  • image

    Hi Sarah, finally had the time to upload my scan photo. The little circle is the yolk sack and baby is the little 'prawn' shape next to it image I was 7+3 when i had it done. Hope yours goes well xxx

  • Thanks huni 

    1 weeks today!!! cant come soon enough lol xx

  • Congratulations vickster77b! What an amazing scan pic!xx

  • Congrats!! What a beautiful scan photo! X

  • that's a fabulous scan pic hun, sooo clear congratulations!! when's your edd? mines 15th of October i think yours may b  pretty close as youre nine weeks now too from your signature image xxxx

  • image



     Hi huni scan went very well!

    7wks and 2/4 days so was spot on with dates!! little man was wriggling all over the place, got to see his heart beating and she told me it was very strong image back on the 30th for bloods and the rest of my booking in and she will give me the date for my 12wk scan then, just wanted to thank you again for sharing your scan pic with me xxxx

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