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Is it my waters breaking??



  • Congratulations fab news x 

  • Congratulations.... Fantastic news. image x

  • Hooray , so pleased to hear your lovely news , enjoy every minute , hope you can get some sleep tonight x x 

  • Big congrats Beckii from all us of at Babyexpert! 

  • hey hunni, hope you and your beautiful daughter are doing well you got there in the end hey!!hehe    image    xxxxx

  • Wow what a journey!! Can't believe a week ago I was sitting here with a big bump and now I'm sitting here cuddling my beautiful baby girl. Had a bit of a rough time with after labour and breast feeding but got her on formula milk now and it's going great! She's so precious and I'm loving every second of being with her. So happy and proud and thankyou again for helping me through it xxx
  • ahhh hi becki, so lovely to hear from you and a huge CONGRATULATIONS to you again. does your little princess have a name yet?? she sure was a good weight wasn't she, BLIMEY!!! lol you did soo well hun and you should be super proud of yourself!! you DID IT!!!!!!! xxxxx

  • Yeah we've decided on Francesca grace image she's beautiful and a very healthy wait!! She has lost a bit more than she should but midwives aren't concerned because she was so big anyway haha. Been so involved with myself I haven't even asked what everyone's situation is at the moment, who's due and when?? Xxx
  • you've every right to be involved with yourself hunni, you've just done the most amazing thing in the world!!! image  I'm not due til October lol only ten weeks today!! Francesca grace is a beautiful name hun, ahhh you're a little family now!!  image xxxx

  • Ooh well congratulations!! I was 12 weeks before I even found out I was pregnant and it went so quick. It was either Francesca or Ellie-mai
  • both beautiful names, i have three beautiful daughter's, leonie layla and lainey-grace, this bub will be number four and looking forward to findin out wether we r team pink or team blue!  how is everything going with the healing process for you hun , sounds like u had a tough time of it!! my biggest was nine pounds but she was my second and my first was eight pounds and i  thought they were big but blimey, you DO grow em big

  • Well I wanted the most natural birth possible and was thinking of a birthing pool with a few paracetamols (HA!), when I got there I couldn't go in birthing pool as I was only 3-4cm and they said you shouldn't be in there too long, after an hour she came back and I was 8 cms. By this time I said I'll try gas and air but I didn't like it so I had a shot of pethadine. Pethadine wears off after 3 hours so I was going to have another shot of it when she said head was nearly out!!! I suffered a three degree tear and a lot of trauma but with no pain relief at all she was out!!

    Because I was losing a lot of blood I only got. 30 mins skin to skinimage I can honestly say the whole labour was nothing compared to the after birth and still on a bag full of medicines but she's still worth it coz she's so beautiful.

    Are you finding out what you have or you going to keep guessing up until the very end?!? Xxx
  • Awww lovely name hun, I had my 2nd little girl 7 weeks ago today. Wanted natural birth as was 10cm dilated with my first when I got to hospital n had her 80 mins later but unfortunately this one wanted to come feet first so had to have a c section x

  • It just goes to show that no two births are the same!!

    I would have another in a heartbeat if I was guaranteed not to have another after birth like that one, although I think I would have to consider a c-section as I can't even go for a poo (sorry if tmi) without having a mini panic attack. I think the whole tear thing will be a worry to me in a future pregnancy :/ xxxx
  • aww becki, you've been so brave  hunni, and no pain relief!!? seriously you deserve a medal  i was begging for EVERYTHING on my first lol i had gas and air meptid AND an epidural but she was stuck and ended up having a section due to failure to progress, i honestly take my hat off to you hun and can completely understand why you feel nervous going for a poo, i would be exactly the same, have the hv or  mw reccommended  anything to make it a littl  easier to go like fybogel or something to soften the stool so you don't have to strain as much. meds can make you constipated and it sounds like the last  thing you need is to have to strain to go!! 

    if i were you I'd be incredibly proud of myself hun, you did an amazing job in what sounds like a very difficult and traumatic situation. and if you're worried about it all happening again then I'm sure next time you're ttc it's something you can discuss with your mw, there's all sorts of gels and perineal massage you can do to prevent a tear which she should be able to advise you on. and remember no two births are the same either, even for the same mother. dont let it frighten you off hun, and congratulations again!!! xxxxx

  • Bless ur heart, I still can't poo now lol but I had a terrible c sec experience. I already want another baby haha must b crazy x

  • I'm on paracetamol, ibuprofen, antibiotics, fybogel and a lacto something syrup :/ I'm also having to sit on frozen gloves to relieve the swelling. It's gonna take a while yet hit I think I'll get there image I am so proud of myself and I would love another in the future but until then I have my beautiful baby girl to look after :P haha you can tell I'm on night duty tonight as its like half 12 and I'm normally zonked out xxx
  • Yeah I came out with 4 lots of antibiotics, injections the lot. U will get there chick like I say I'm 7 weeks on n my stitches still hurt and very swollen. I can't laugh or sneeze or even fart without holding my tummy to stop it hurting lol but it just takes time. Ur doin great x

  • Haha I'm exactly the same, I tell people off for making me laugh! They're still really swollen and it's do achey, I wouldn't mind if it was anywhere else but I need to sit on my bum image xxx
  • Get a rubber ring lol x

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