spotting :(

Yesterday morning I got a very, very small amount of spotting - freaked as that's how my mmc started - so ended up getting a private scan. Scan was inconclusive though, she could see the bleed and a sac but no yolk yet. Having to get rescanned on 18th at epau to see if it's going to be a viable pregnancy. I'm going to keep everything crossed for good news xx


  • Ahh try not to panic hun, the scan being inconclusive doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing, it's still very early. How many weeks/days r u now? Keeping everything crossed 4 u. xx

  • Thank you. I'm 5+6 I think. She did says it was probably too early. I haven't had any bleeding since but I am expecting more just because there was a bleed you could see.

    Been feeling a little sick today and I'm hoping that's a good sign. Not that I'm looking forward to morning sickness but I am willing it to start!!!

  • Keeping every thing crossed for you i understand how you feel as thats how my last 2 started its horrid waiting, your scan is the day after mine xx

  • Sarah, when did your mc start? Did you have a scan before you mc? How long did bleeding take etc.? X

  • How's the spotting now hun? X
  • I haven't had anything since Friday. Just counting down the days to the scan and hoping all is well. Thanks for asking xx

  • That's brilliant news hun! Fingers crossed! X

  • Fingers firmly crossed that all is ok xxx
  • Thanks girls. Xx

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