Is breast best?

So today im 30 weeks pregnant ( actually have no idea where thties e has gone) and I'm most definitely in two minds wether to breast feed or not, initially I was against the idea but now I'm not too sure. My only concerns are beInge restricted, as in if my mum pops over and that give me a chance to get. Shower etc then if the baby needs to e fed no one girl pelt me of that makes sense? Also Ive been told it makes a baby more demanding and needy eg not sleep well etcA anyone else have these worries? Xxx


  • It's totally personal choice, personally I don't think it's always nutritionally best. I know bf babies who've been in and out of hosp with so many probs, n bottle fed babies who've been perfectly healthy. But it's such a lovely bonding experience but it is very hard work and bf babies usually need feeding more often. I couldn't bf 1st and really beat myself up about it. But she was fine on formula. Lexie I managed to bf for 2 weeks but she is such a hungry baby and I am struggling do much with my c-sec recovery I gave it up. I did enjoy it but it's hard work. Hats off to anyone who can manage it! But I comfort myself in the knowledge that at least I tried n I did my best n she got 2 weeks if breast milk which is better than nothing. Do what's best for u hun as long as baby gets fed they won't mind x

  • I think you need to do whatever suits you best. Try bf see if you like it, if you do its a lovely snuggly time no one can take away if you don't like it formula is fine all baby wants is to be fed and for mummy to be happy. My first I fed for 6 weeks and felt really bad about stopping but it was making me ill, my second is 5 months and bf because I like doing it I find it easy when we are.out and it makes me sit and rest if we are busy
  • Hiya , I bf all of mine for longer than I probably should have really , the shortest time being 17 months , found it a lovely bonding experience , was very young when I had my 1st n it was the 1 thing that no one else could do for her , my parents were very good but tended to want to take over , had no problems with it , so when my others came along I didn't think about any other option , was a good chance to sit n rest when everything is so busy , like micromomkey said , think it's mother natures way of helping you heal , but as long as the baby is getting the nutrition s/he needs and you are both happy , Think that is the main thing , good luck , not long to go now - how exciting x x 

  • Aww thanks ladies I really appreciate the comments, I'm going to attend some breast feeding classes I think, cherubs have a lot of groups close to e just to get mor e information, in an ideal world I'd like to bf and bottle feed, but I've read that some baby's can't adjust to both. I'd like to talk to my midwife about but she's god awfully rude so disc disinterestepain anything you say, I know that in Cheshire there is a big push in the nhs for mothers to breast feed and she will only be beast and tell me to bf without pall the facts for me to make an informed decision xxx

  • i tried so hard to feed my 1st and it was not the best experience she wouldnt latch so i expressed until my milk dries up 5 weeks later and i fet like id failed so with next two i pretty much decided to express as long as i could then switch to formula and ill do similar this time. formula is made for babies and you cant tell at school which ones had breast and which had bottle


  • I have also been thinking about this....when I first found out I straight away said I wanted to breastfeed and then thought about the demand etc but I have decided that I am going to give it a go and if the baby doesn't take to it or I find that it is too demanding and making me ill then I will stop and switch to formula.  I do plan to express as I also want my partner to get the bond with our child and do some feeds. Has anyone done this and by expressing and using bottles does it cause confusion to the baby and cause any problems switching between the two?


    I know a few people at work that really beat themselves up when their baby wouldn't take to it but I won't be doing that.  I am of the mindset that I will try and if it doesn't work then I won't be too disheartened and will just switch.


    The midwives do definitely try to push breast feeding on to you though by saying it's the best thing ever etc but I think it's because it's easier and cheaper for the hospitals to be honest and I've heard a few cases where the midwives are quite rude to people that choose not to bf, which I think is disgusting.  It's a very personal choice and you shouldn't be made to feel like you are a bad mum by not wanting to bf.



  • iTi totally agree with you guys, midwives are defiantly on the big push for breast feeding, I think I'm going to try it and if it doesn't work out then at Leit's I've given it ago, will also try bottle fetong too. Xx

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