Anyone in there 9th week

Hello ladies just curious to find out whats been happening with symptoms in your 9th week and if your showing yet image xx


  • Im not there yet 8 and a half weeks but am showing and other people notice it too lol. Been feeling alot better this week and hoping its because I have had a few days off work... didnt know how I could cope with feeling as bad as I did.

    Crying alot today lol.
  • Last weekend i was crying alot that much infact i actually couldnt stop myself i sat downstairs in the kitchen and i still woke my partner up with crying and he was upstairs lol its normal though to have a wee cry here and there made me feel better to be honest xx
  • Glad to know it might be an 8 week symptom then lol. Cos I was like this one night at 6 weeks and the week by week for that week said that crying is most common at 6 weeks.

    what symptoms are u having? Have you got morning sickness, its meant to start tapering off soon and peaks round about week 9. Is yours getting slightly better? xxx
  • Im always feeling sick but ive only been sick a handful of times now image i cant drink milk because ive figured out that was making me sick it just wasnt settling in my belly (i love my cereal aswell :'( lol) im always 24/7 feeling really tired half the time i cant keep my eyes open lol i do get headaches no sure if thats normal though :/ my boobs feel like there ready to drop off due to pain haha all in all im having a wonderful time lmao but hopefully i will be feeling better soon because i have a family holiday coming up in april and really dont want to be boring lol wbu apart from the crying how have u been xx
  • Hopefully you'll be better by april... im intendimg too. I have been feeling awful up to the last couple of days. Been so exhausted, weak, pale, sore boobs, constant nausea but omly been sick a few times. Hate most smells and people who smell of fags or perfumes on buses or in queues lol.

    That's now minimal and hoping its only because I have had a weeks holiday from work. Thankfully going back tomorrow for 4 days then have 10 more days off. I am hoping I feel as rubbish as ever so I can feel reassured.

    Feel really down today. I need to buy food and iron school uniforms and not in the mood for it. Xx
  • Aww that makes both of us been feeling down since i opened my eyes its just no good eh think a wee hot bubble bath light some candles will relax me and cheer me up think its just one of those days and not to mention its sunday a day i hate because its soooo boring and ive nothing exciting to do image but i hope you feel better soon hunni you know if you need someone to talk to im here as well as all the other lovely ladies that are here too xxx

  • Aww thanks but it will pass. Wish I have a bath, that would be lovely.. I need a shower but been putting it off.

    Sorry to hear your a bit down too. Sundays are dull tho, was just watching the curling on tv lol. Xxx
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