Feel down and only place i can have a moan :(

Well i hope you dont mind me having a moan as its not exactly pregnancy related but for some reason i feel like at the moment this is the only place i can have a moan too! My day has been utter crap. First off my mum rung me in the morning to say my grandad hasnt got long left. He ended up passing away this afternoon and my mum thought it was best for me to not go c him image So ive got this going off and my boyfriend hasnt exactly been all huggy and that with me to cheer me up and also today his dad rung to say hes split with his girlfriend and moving out but hes been planning it for a while now and got a place to move into next month and can he leave some clothes here. With it being clothes we said yeah ok. When i got home there is more then just clothes! Its all his stuff and hes even put some things out of his on shelfs and that and helped himself to doing his clothes washing when i had mine in there to put out when finished and instead his is all out drying. Also he wanted to originally put all his stuff in the baby room! When ive got it looking all nice and he just wanted to plonk all his things in there! I asked my boyfriend where his dad is gone be staying as at the minuet hes across the road getting drunk with his other son and his car is parked outside mine so hes hardly gone be driving. My boyfriend said well i would ask him to stay here for a couple nights but i no u wont want him to. And im sorry if im being a bitch but to right i dont want him to! Im 29 weeks pregnant. Im upset my grandad has passed away today and then he wants his dad to stop over for a few nights! Il feel so un compfy as well when its my house so shouldnt be. I no full well hes gone just walk in from the pub as well and i will be put on the spot and stuart (my boyfriend) will ask where hes stopping and that be that he be staying here. Sorry for the long moan im just feeling so fed up at the moment image feel like im being a horrible person as well but i just dont need it right about now!


  • Bless u hun so sorry bout ur grandad. His dad sounds just like mine complete piss taker. Ur oh should b thinkin bout u chick n supporting u. U have every right to b pissed off IMO x

  • awww hunni, only just seen this post, so so sorry about your grandad, you're not being a bitch at all. and sorry if i sound like I'm being one but if your dh isnt being sensitive to you losing your grandad why the hell should you be sensitive about his dad wanting to stay at yours??? you want time to grieve and support from dh and not to be lumbered with his "woe is me lets get drunk"routine. put your foot down hunni and tell dh what he is doing is not on and i  he has a brother (you said he was drinking with his other son in the pub) tell him to stay there and use his house as a doss house. its not what you nee  while you're pg hunni xxxxxx

  • Haliegh, I'm sorry to hear about your Grandad. I hope you feel a bit better today and that your Mum is ok. 

    I think you are within your rights to feel fed up and down - You have had a bereavement and albeit for your best interests, you have been excluded from saying your goodbyes. To top it off, you have your OH piling his Dad's rubbish onto you when you could really do without it.

    If you get chance, I would tell your OH exactly how you feel and perhaps he will realise. I know sometimes, people don't think about others feelings because it just doesn't occur to them - perhaps because you didnt see your Grandad your OH thinks you are ok?

    Hope you feel a bit better today xxx

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