Took a hpt.. Am I pregnant?

So I took a pregnancy test yesterday, and I saw a very very faint line... Not sure what to think... I am very confused.


  • If there where two lines and within the time limit then its a positive test. Test again in a couple of days xx Congrats xx
  • Heyy when i first took my hpt i took a test that was 8 days after conception safe to say it was a very very faint line that faint i had to look at it under the lamp and today i am 9 weeks and 5 days pregnant image so yes it could well be a positive but defo take another test in a couple of days good luck image & congrats xx
  • my first test i did was also very very faint and i did them every day for a week by the end of the week the line was dark im not 6 wks 4days.

    Good luck x

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