pain killers

Hiya girls just wanting to find out what pain killers i can take when pregnant its just i have the most annoying and painful gumache image xx


  • Shaz from what I've been told only Tylenol
  • If its just the gum ache you have you could try teething gel to numb it... If that doesnt work... Clove oil works very well for tooth / gum pain & you can get it most places... Effective & natural so no worry about meds

  • I used to crush a paracetamol up and rub it on my gum when I had gum/toothache x

  • i have cocodamol (30/500mg) but you can use the over the counter ones which contain 8mg codiene and 500mg paracetamol, as long as your not three months before delivery they are ok. mine a prescribed by docotr and a lot stronger than the over the counter ones. i was told clove oil is lethal in pregnancy and un recommend for lregnant women when i was pregnant with my d youngest daughter and my tooth snapped in half exposing the roots causing excruciating pain. also ibuprofen are safe as long as , again, youre not in you final trimester they are ok. hope it settles soon for you hun theres not much worse than toothache xxxx oh ps, anbesol liquid is safe and really quite good, its basically the adult bonjela!!! worked for me image xxxxxx

  • Thanks ladies youv been really helpful im gonna get some stuff today as the pains still there image been up a couple of times during the night the fun just never stops in pregnancy eh lol xx
  • Anbesol is awesome x

  • Shaz you may need a antibiotic if the pain if from the tooth. I had a bad toothache with my youngest and it ended up being a infection once the antibiotic cleared it up the pain was gone
  • Thanks Nicole think im gonna have to make an app with the dentist the pain is just unreal now xx
  • I would say go to your doctors, explain the pain and they will prescribe you the right stuff to take. I have paracetamol and also codeine for severe headaches I had earlier on... There is plenty out there you can take but sometimes it depends how far along you are.

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