Faint BFP? Please help.

I am unsure when AF is due as not regular due to being in Cerazette for 5 years. Last one was 26th Jan. Have had symptoms such as nausea, cramps, aversion to some foods, sore breasts. I took the first test yesterday PM and got a BFN so retook this morning as I really do feel this is different to usual pre-menstral signs and got a very faint line (will try to upload a pic). Do you think it is a BFP? I am aware of evap lines vut this is the test after the 3mins, no longer. Will retest in a few days, just curious what people reckon? All new to me, and a bit of a surprise if BFP as never missed a pill so I must be part of the 1% it doesn't work for! Thank you very much.


  • Not sure how to or if i can post photo. Faint li e looks almost more white than pale pink, taken with asda own brand pink dye test using FMU.
  • to upload a pic huni you click the tree like icon on the bar just above where you type your message, i think you have to do it on laptop or pc xx

  • If your unsure of when your next af is due it could be a positive just early, my first test you could hardly see but with in a week the line was nice and dark.


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