Oh wow!

I can feel our baby kicking now! I thought I was imagining it at first as it was once or twice a day. I put my hand on my tummy and convinced myself I could feel it with my hand. Got hubby to do it and he felt it on his hand too! So I'm defo not imagining it!!! And since then, I seem to get regular kicks (or whatever you term them if its not a foot!). Its awe inspiring and I finally feel pregnant and that I have a baby inside me, a real human being. How amazing!


  • Hehe this gave me shivers with excitment for you its just lovely when baby kicks i remember with my first baby i lay on the couch with a flat book and the book was moving around like mad lol oooh i cant wait to get that stage again its been almost 8 years since my first baby image & im only 9 weeks & 5 days so i have a wee while to go yet lol xx
  • Awww it's so exciting makes me want another already lol x

  • No you dont LH! image

  • loved that feeling, i'm with you LH, miss being pregnant!x

  • I really miss my bump too x

  • Hey MrsW2012,

    How many weeks are you? I cannot wait to start feeling something. I think I felt baby move this morning, it was like a shifting feeling, like it did a forward roll or something image Not sure if I was imagining it or not. I am 14w+1 today and cannot wait to start feeling the movements.

    LH & Rose - I bet you miss your bumps. I've only had it for a few weeks and love it more than anything in this world. I will show it off in tight dresses ha ha . . . 


  • Judy, I'm 18 weeks and this is my first. I started to feel "bubbles" in my tummy from around 10 weeks and when at 12 week scan she made me turn towards her to make the baby move, i felt it again. I asked if the sensation was the baby and she said it probably was. 

    The sensations Im feeling now and since about a week or two ago have gotten stronger and I feel like someone poking/prodding me from the inside or if you caught your knicker elastic and it pinged back. Its a strange sensation when you first feel it. Over the last week hey have become more frequent and stronger. Some say that when it;s your first it can take a little longer as your muscles are tighter but I may just be an exception to the rule - or it may be because Im quite fit and toned and petite.

  • i cant wait to feel bubba no 2 moving!

    they say second time round you feel it sooner???

    use to love playing the poke game as evil as it sounds i would poke my belly to get little man to move, he would also move from side to side and follow my partner voice was very funny!

    And then when your sitting there and you see a heel poking out of your belly it looks so funny image 

    really cant wait to do it all again x

  • Thats what I've heard Sarah.

    I play the poke game too if I havent felt the baby fidget for a while. Then it gets its own back by fidgeting like crazy when im laid down trying to get to sleep!

  • Lol i use to love it, partner would cuddle into me and little man would kick the hell out of him hahaha

    have you tried the light yet?? shine a tourch at your bump and baby will move away from the light.....

    got i was evil to my bump lol also the ice water is a good one to get baby moving lol, drink a glass of ice water then lay on your side and you should get some nice strong kicks lol


  • I'm a bit scared to do too much if I'm honest. I dont wanna terrorise the poor little mite lol

  • You are naughty ladies ha ha xxx

  • lol i couldnt help it image 

    i didnt do much else apart from playing different styles of music to see which little man liked image


  • Deffo feel it sooner with 2nd, I felt movement from 11 weeks x

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