ah the joys


just a little bit of a moan really(again)

im feeling a bit uncomfrtable today and didnt sleep well. seren is low down and im thinking head down as when she moves its big movements right in my pelvis feels like a boulder turninglol

last night i had 3 or 4 bh that woke me up and leg cramps plus annoying stitch pain and i was up at 430 as couldnt go back to sleep!!!

now im shattered just as its time to pick the three kids up!!

so thats me and my moan. anyone else???how are you all keeping is it just me that is feeling sorry for my self?? ah well 12 ish weeks to go.


  • God I've got these joys to come. I;m suffering from what I can only say is insomnia but half way through the night lol. I wake up at say 2am, wide awake - dont need to pee or anything. Then take an hour or to to get back to sleep. 

  • i had that too mrsw and it went after a while. i slept through until 6 this morning so feeling alot less grumpy today lol. i think my biggest problem is im impaitent and want my baby dont get me wrong i dont want her prem i just want it to be time to have her lol

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