Not Hungry Nor Any Pain

I'm 6 weeks and I have no pain or very little and my breast are not sore that much I thought it should be ... I'm barely hungry and sometimes I feel like throwing up but I don't .. Should I be worried something .. I need help


  • no hunni you shouldn't be worried, six weeks is still very early and only a few women expeirience symptoms this early and even then i think its only when you look for them sort of thing. i am nearly nine weeks and have only started to get symptoms properly over the  last  week or so and like you was very worried at first. try not to worry and enjoy the "calm before the storm" hun as once those symptoms of sickness and sore boobs hit you will wish they hadn't lol. xxxx

  • I'm around 5 and a half weeks. After some initial cramping, I have no symptoms at all at the moment. I'm making the most of it though, I had terrible morning sickness when I was pregnant with my son, so every day I don't feel ill is a bonus! 

    Try not to worry, I'm sure everything is fine xx

  • There's nothing to worry about shrug, I didn't have any signs of pregnancy at the start, I only took a test because I hadn't had a period for 3 months. I was 8 weeks pregnant when I was on holiday and didn't have a clue!! I moaned that I had put on a tiny but of weight and went completely off my good which isn't like me on holiday I'm normally a pig xx
  • I had no sickness or cramps at all when I was pregnant. I convinced myself I wasnt preg. I only believed it at my 12 week scan lol. Every1 is diffo so dont worry if you dont get any symptoms it does not mean anythin is wrong image x
  • hi there im 6 wks and 5 days, i feel sick but not been sick and i dont feel like eating at all, a few mouth falls and i feel i wanna chuck it all up again, my boobs feel full and my nipples are sore if they get knocked but thats about it, i get the odd cramp on my left side but nothing harsh xxx

  • Count yourself lucky then!! A lot of pregnant women would kill to not have morning sickness and all the other symptoms image xx
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