A bit of a rambling post....

This post is more for a bit of a ramble for myself but also in the hope that someone out there feels the same.

This is mine and DH's first baby and I really don't feel like it has sunk it just yet with either of us and it just feels somewhat surreal. This baby is VERY much wanted and planned. We have now been together 10 years and married or almost 18 months. We have had lots of adventures together - lovely holidays and fabulous times together - and I guess we have been somewhat spoilt to have so much time together to be "us."

I can see our whole lives are going to change and I know its just the next stage and will be for the better etc but I am so worried that it will change us and we won't be us anymore.

I am terrified that when it comes to labour, I wont be able to do it and it's not something I can ask someone else to help me with or do for me. And Im terrified of the sleepless nights and the adjustment to this little person in our lives who is ours and our responsibility. Scared of getting it wrong and it affecting our baby in some way or other. 

I don't want to be a useless mum and I would like our life as it is to stay the same, but with our little person included and I feel its going to change so much.

I tell DH how I feel and he just says "we'll be fine" and I'm sure he's right but what if we're not and we get it all wrong and our lives change so dramatically.....



  • There's no doubt life will change, a baby turns ur whole world upside down but it will bring u so close together n pretty soon u will wonder wot ur life was like before u had ur baby. It's almost like u forget! And u will b fine trust ur body it knows what it's doing it was built to do this. Totally natural to feel worried but you're goin to b a great mum n u will b fine I promise! X

  • Having a baby does change your life and relationship completely, but definitely for the better. My husband and I often comment that we can't remember what life was like before our son was born & that having him has made us so much stronger and closer than we ever were before. 

    I was scared of labour too, I think that's natural for a first time parent as you've never experienced it before. It's hard to believe, but your body will just know what it's got to do - it really is amazing & you'll cope so much better than you think you will. 

    It's a massive learning curve & you'll question every decision you make (I still do now) but you will know what's best for your baby, I promise xx

  • this is my 4th and but me and my oh 1st! trust me your life will change and it will be awesome the sleepless nights ect are worth it and as long as you and your oh communicate you will grow stronger!! 

    as for labour even though ive done it 3 times im still scared but lh is right your body is made to do it.

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