hi just wondering what your predictions are based on the nub from my scan picture ? I find out 2mora (hopefully) this is my scan at 11 wks 3 days




  • i would put my life on that being a little girl!!!  that forked nub pointing directly out is EXACTLY   the same as my three daughters pics were. if you look at my profile pic you can see the nub is very similar but yours is a LOT more obvious image xxxxx

  • thankyou! image

    I carnt see your profile picture very well how do I get a clearer view of it ?


  • That's gotta b a girl x

  • I will be very surprised 2mora if I get told its a boy wiv the amount ov people that have said girl. x

  • if you click on my name hun it will take you to my "profile" and you should get a cbigger pic. it was taken at 10+3 so a lil smaller than yours but god dam I'm going to be gob smacked if you're having a boy lol. pleeeeeease update after your scan hun i shall be checking today for updates image excited for you hun. also i did a thread on nub theory and there's a few pics on there to compare yours to hun if you like? i LOVE the nub theory and swear by it.  xxxxx

  • Good luck for today keep us posted x

  • wooo I'm itching to know what you're having  good luck hun, hpe it goes well and baby is willing to reveal it  bits xxxx

  • been stalking this thread for updates lol i am dying to know how it went and what you're having hun, hope you're both ok xxxxx

  • hi ladies both me and baby are fine ! im having a healthy baby GIRL!! im super excited ive now got 4 boys and soon to be 2 girls image xx

  • woohoooo!!!! CONGRATULATIONS  hunni that's fantastic news and glad you're both ok. i KNEW  it haha that's the most obvious girly nub I've ever seen bar none.  I'd have eaten my own leg had you said boy lol. so pleased for you hun. and thank you for updating and putting me out of my misery! image  you can go pink mad now image. xxxx

  • Congrates babe! whn do u do nub pics? is it 12 weeks onwards? xx

  • Yaaaaaay was totes a girl! Yes Sarah babes it's something like 11+3 to 14 weeks is the best time. I had a boy nub but little Lexie definitely does not have a winkie LOL X

  • sarah i had a scan at ten plus three (the one on my profile pic) and the nub was quite obvious on that it starts to shrink From twelve weekd and is prettty much gone by 14. i think its really reliable and personally have yet to se  itnbe wrong, not saying it's never ever wrong but ive had no personal experience of it being wrong i  tha  makes sense. baby HAS to be side on like in this pic and you have to be able to see its.bum area lol, Allison's pic is a perfect clear pic too  so it wa  pretty obvious really this time. as mines earlier, the profile pic, its a little harder to tell but you can see the little white fork and i knew she was a girl.from ten weeks due to that. 

    can't wait to guess ours, its gonna be great!! xxxx

  • hi girls so when i upload my 12 week peanut you girls will let me know what you think? so excited xxx

    lol LH86 loved that how is little lexie? xxx

  • Can't wait to c ur scan hun. She's beaut thanks having a few probs with reflux and she's very grumpy in the evenings sometimes but sleeping well. Still so diddy compared to my friends babies lol x

  • Bless huni its good she is sleeping well tho, and how are you recovering from the c section all ok? lol my little chubba was 2lb 1oz heavier than youe little girl at birth.....hate to think what this little moneky will be just keeping every thing crossed its not another back to back lol xx

  • wensure will sarah, its gonna be here before you know it!! an  two more sleeps til your reassurance scan image   LH86 glad you  little lady is sleeping for you it's a nightmare when they don't isn't it!! mine all had reflux so I'd roll up a blanket or towel an  put it in a u shape a  like a little pillow  they couldnt roll as i  sandwiched them in lol but worked wonders for reflu  as they weren't laid flat. poor little babba there's nothing worse than heartburn. xxxxx

  • image


    thankyou ladies im soooo over the moon still carnt believe it image

    im gonna be an auntie again too end of September ive got a scan pic for yas to look at can you tell my what you think baby is please....


  • hi alison, ahh bless its lovely you're team pink, even out the numbers a bit hehe!! your scan pic was sooooo clear it wasn't hard to tell it was a lil girlie, this ones not as clear and looks like it may be a little further along so the nubs not as obvious but I'm gonna have at boy as the nub doesn't look forked (if it IS the nub incan see lol) is this your nephew or niece hun? when will they be finding out the gender? will it be at the twenty week scan or will they be staying team yellow?? exciting times!! image xxxxx

  • I also would say boy for the pic above xxxxxx

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