Brown discharge at 6 wks

Hi ladies.. Have had some brown discharge this morning after using the tiolet went straight to the hospital and had a scan they said everything was fine. See heartbeat and baby looked well. Had a little bit of brown after the scan and that was at 3 I clock and nothing since. Really scared as had a mc over a year ago and it started with brown discharge. Had a scan and everything was ok then the next day it got worse.. Has anyone got any positive stories so that I can think positive about this image so scared xx


  • I didn't want to read and run, but I had very small amount of brown discharge/bleed on Friday and got scanned but they could only see sac not yolk yet. I was 5+5 so it was a bit early. It's positive that you've seen the heartbeat though but I know you can't totally relax (I had a mmc a few months ago that started the same so I get where you're coming from). 

    Fingers crossed all is ok, I've known a lot of ladies who have had bleeding and discharge and been fine. You know yourself that sometimes it doesn't work out like that but I've got everything crossed for you. Join us over in Due In November -hopefully that'll be a good place to air your worries and everything inbetween xx

  • I meant to say, I haven't had any further spotting since Friday either. They did see a bleed on the scan though. Pg symptoms are still increasing. Xx

  • Hey hun I had bleeding of all different colours n consistencies with low back ache right up to 10 weeks. Docs said I was probably going to lose my baby. I'm snuggling with my 6 week old baby girl as I type this image just try n rest and keep positive xx

  • Thanks ladies , it's really hard I don't no how I'm going to sleep tonight image me and hubby are both so scared . TTC for 3 1/2 years . 1 mc nov 2012 and 4 cycles of clod and 2 IUI then we fall naturally and this happens image it's just not fair x
  • How ru today hun x

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