Brown discharge at 6 wks

Hi ladies.. Have had some brown discharge this morning after using the tiolet went straight to the hospital and had a scan they said everything was fine. See heartbeat and baby looked well. Had a little bit of brown after the scan and that was at 3 I clock and nothing since. Really scared as had a mc over a year ago and it started with brown discharge. Had a scan and everything was ok then the next day it got worse.. Has anyone got any positive stories so that I can think positive about this so scared xx


  • Lotti I bled through my last preg and he's a healthy 4 yr old. I also had some bleeding this time around. From what my obgyn told me red blood is something to be alarmed about not as much when it's brown. Brown usually means old blood not new. I hope all is well with your bean. My bleeding this time was at 8 weeks I'm now 1 day shy of 13 weeks. Good luck honey
  • Thankyou so much for replying. I haven't had much today only once when I wiped after the toilet. I think it may just be hanging around inside though . I'm really scared but need to be positive xxx
  • Staying positive is tough when you are expecting a text book pregnancy now where do they say you can bleed or whatnot so when it happens we panic. I am nervous everyone I go to the bathroom that there will be blood. Even though I've had it before it still freaks me out when I see it. Good luck and "try" not to worry to much.
  • Hi Nicole thanks for replying back.

    Haven't had anything for a week now... But everytime I go to the toilet I'm constantly checking . It is horrible but I just can't help it.

    I'm off work for 2 weeks , doctor has signed me off untill I get another scan a week on Saturday . I'll be 10 weeks then. X
  • Hi lottie , glad you've had no more spotting , I'm nearly 27 weeks n still check every time I use the bathroom , think it's habit now , just can't help it , hope you're resting hun x x 

  • Hey, yeah have been resting. Feeling sick a lot of the time but not actually being sick which I don't no what id rather have. The nausea is pretty strong!! How's your pregnancy going xx
  • I've been bleeding from when i found out i was pregnant, been for scans and everything fine, they say, my blood is red and there still not worried. I'm 15 weeks, I've got a angelsound monitor and i think i can hear the heart beat1 i dont no what to do now im soo worried.

  • Hey, sometimes women bleed al through there pregnancy.

    If you are really worried then you should go up the hospital and stay there till you get some answers that's what I would do. Hope everything goes ok x
  • thanks for the advice that what I might have to do. Hope you and your bump is ok xx


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