Consultant Care?

Hi ladies! Hope you're all ok! Just wondering if any of u will be under consultant care for your pregnancy? I've got an underactive thyroid which started after dd was born so I'm being closely monitored & will be under endocronologist consultant care. I've also got trochenteric bursitis which is basically inflammation in my hip joint which I need an operation for but been told to finish our family first. So waiting to hear how that will be dealt with!! Very daunted by it all!! Seeing my midwife tomorrow with a list of questions a mile long!! Xx


  • I was as was at risk of premature birth then found out she was footling breech. Was quite good as hardly saw a midwife 2nd time round so was nice to have extra appointments and scans x

  • CsMummy may well have more to add as she might be under consultant led care, not sure though. Xx
  • My sons 4weeks now. But I was under a consultant as I have had open heart surgery. I am really glad I was as it ment more apps and closer eye was kept on my till the end. X
  • Thanks ladies! 

    That's the thing, will focus on the fact I get seen more & see that as a positive. My midwife appointment was supposed to be 15minutes but was in there 45mins because I had so many questions!! Whoops!! X

  • I will be under the consultant at Guys and St.Thomas' in London for at least 3 months. then hopefully I'll be transferred to local midwifery. Fingers crossed!

    Maybe I'd better warn my new mw that I'll need a reeeeeally long appointment!



  • Hehe yes maybe! I felt a bit mean on all the other mummies in the waiting room! Lol! X
  • Yes consultant care here xxx
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